Insomniac Chose Spider-Man Over Other Marvel Characters

Insomniac Games could have chosen any superhero from the Marvel Universe to create their next PS4 exclusive, but decided on Spider-Man. Both Sony and Marvel must really have held the California-based developer in high esteem as they gave them free reign over which Marvel universe or character they wanted.

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chrisx280d ago

love spidey, this game looks like it's gonna be the next best Spiderman game after spiderman2 ps2. now if only we can get a good daredevil or black panther game next that would be dope AF

A-stil_Tv279d ago

Oh my does that bring back good memories

narsaku279d ago

Ouh I'd love a daredevil game. TBH though I've never read BP before, but I'm hearing good things, I think it's time to go to ebay and find myself a classic.

abstractel279d ago

A Daredevil game done right would be really awesome. I think the likelyhood of it being made is high too, just hope the right studio is making it.

On the DC side, I wonder what Rocksteady are working on. I was a huge fan of Arkham Knight, I know it got mixed reception but I really enjoyed it, all aspects of it.

rainslacker279d ago

I really liked the SegaCD spiderman game. It was a sidescroller.

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PhoenixUp280d ago

Didn’t Marvel request a Spider-Man game from them

thatguyhayat279d ago

Yeah they did, they went to Sony to develop the game. Im confused

Eonjay279d ago

Exactly, it was always assumed the Sony worked out the deal with Marvel as a part of their larger movie deal and the MCU for Spiderman. The it was believed that Sony hired Insomniac to make the game. According to this, they made a choice? What does that mean if true. What kind of deal did Disney and Sony have?

-Foxtrot279d ago

Yeah odd they choose Spiderman out of all the characters....just so happens to be a character that in the film world is exclusive to Sony Pictures.

Smells a bit like bullshit to me.

madforaday279d ago

What if Sony, kind of knew that Insomniac LOVED Spider-man, so Sony just asked, hey what Marvel charterer would you want to make? I think we would love to do Spider-Man! Sony goes, you know what, we are going to make that happen so go for it!

Teflon02279d ago

Based on insomniacs track record nothing is odd about it if they did choose

rainslacker279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Maybe they weren't the first choice for the Spider-man game. Or at the time they requested, Sony hadn't done the deal, or it was still in the works and no one knew.

Being asked, and giving an answer doesn't mean they'd actually get it, so maybe they just hoped, and it just happened to line up.

OffRoadKing279d ago

Spider-Man is going to be so sick, would love it if Insomniac did an Iron Man as well.

narsaku279d ago

Yea, black Iron Woman would be an awe-

No, I'm jk. Wish these groups would just make their own diverse characters like they used to back in the day. Really missing originality, but I guess social agendas don't have creativity.

narsaku279d ago

Why downvote? Are you okay with someone you love being forcibly replaced by someone else, not because they were the better person for the position, but just because they have a different skin color that makes them look good on twitter, which makes them more money?

That's the problem with the diversity agenda, it's not about thinking, it's just about revenge and reverse discrimination. The worst thing about it is if you aren't on board, you're attacked viciously by mountains of fanatics.

JackBNimble279d ago

Well is there a black iron woman or at least plans for a movie or something?
Then explain what the point to your comment was other then trying to start a controversial conversation.
By the way, I did down or up vote.

narsaku279d ago

Yes, there is a black female Iron Man now. And yes, it's for the same 100% no love for it's own story diversity agenda politics as well. Nothing that she is was created in fiction because she's valuable. She's 100% politics, just like Miles.

I grew up loving Spider man and Iron Man, and they deserve better than being killed off or turned into a modern anti-white joke after all these decades just to appeal to an revenge-rage social movement.

More true diverse heroes like Spawn, Blade, Storm. You know, characters that were designed on their own merit, that just so happen to be black, and something worth inspiring to be. For all people, no matter what skin color.

...Not this replacement crap.. Nobody deserves to see this happen to their childhood heroes. Nobody.

Eonjay279d ago

No one is being replaced. Stop the fear crap. And if you only can see non white people as political objects then you are a bigot. I hope they do it more until you realize no one is coming for you. Carry on.

narsaku279d ago


Reality isn't fear, it's, "what is". Superman was diversed, Nick Fury, Ironman, Mary Jane, Spiderman, Aqua-lad, Captain America, Avatar The Last Airbender and the list goes on for dozens of characters. Almost every caucasian in fiction is getting diversified. Why? Can I change colors like a chameleon? I wasn't aware everyone had this power. It's also amazing how it's -> ~~~almost~~~ <- exclusively in the White -> Mixed direction too. What an amazing coincidence.

"I hope they do it more!".

Why? Do you like people feeling betrayed and frustrated and hurt over having what they love erased for the singular purpose of making other groups of people feel empowered? That's messed up man, I've never wanted Storm or Spawn to be replaced by a white character.

Never. Ever. And if they ever are, it's just as wrong.

Eonjay279d ago

The moment you realize that these are works of fictions you understand that you are a trapped in fear. Its not your fault. Everything you said should like you are really fighting against something important happening to you. Just let it go. The thing that happened with all of these reboots was a chance to really try something different. the character's themslevs are the easiest way to 'make it different' and for people like yourself, Its just really shocking to see this fictional character played by someone of a..... different color? You are frightened. Its just a way of rebooting an old idea. That is it. See how unafraid I am lol. The sky is not falling and I hope you have a great day.

narsaku279d ago (Edited 279d ago )


Love isn't an object, it's an emotion. Something being fiction or physically real or not doesn't change that.

I'm afraid that every work of fiction I read from here on out that I cling onto like a log floating in an stormy ocean will be destroyed at any given point, "like the Naruto ending", to cater to popularity groups instead of respecting it's own universe of rules, character developments and histories. I love fiction, and when it's ruined or changed for politics, it's hurts.

I love Peter Parker. He was my hero growing up and much of who I am today. Watching him die for a diversity agenda that's gone crazy is so wrong.

If Spider-Man dies, he should have died for something amazing, and it should have ended the series. Who owns the series doesn't matter. Spider-Man is art, and hope, and so much more than a tool for some self-important mentally ill fanaticism group.

Edit: BTW I'm done here, I've said all that needed to be said. I hope u have a good day too bud.

PUBG279d ago

@ Eonjay

Hollywood is using popular iconic characters to push the 'diversity' agenda. It would be one thing if they were creating new characters, but they know that they are unable to create new diverse characters that will sell well to the population.

So instead, they use an existing popular character, because they know that young kids wont understand what's going on, and it's the kids that they want to indoctrinate with 'false diversity' and subliminal 'feminist' messages in other popular franchises like Star Wars. Disney is the big fish in all of this nonsense, since they own Marvel and Lucas Films.

If you don't understand that video games, film and music are used for political purposes, then you are the very definition of 'sheeple'.

Eonjay279d ago


I think you were just told to think that. Feminist have been around forever and it is true that since the dawn of Hollywood, there has been influencers in the media. This isn't something new. Music, TV, Movies and games can all carry a message of any sort and it may contain the 'values' that the artist, group or faction would like to impart. Some of the best loved movies like the WIzard of Oz hard REAL social messages that were sharp, contemporary and well hidden.. In this case you see more diversity and assume it is an agenda. Well, I think there is an agenda but I don't think you know which on it is. I see past the fear mongering and recognize that it is mostly about money. The end game is to get money. From everyone. its true that you can attract people to your product by featuring people who look like them. This was achieved with Wonder Women to great affect. For people truly into making the most amount of money the easy answer is to get as many folks from as many different backgrounds into your product. This is how I think. So to the white men out there afraid of being replaced (as if that is really an achievable goal lol) I say stop. I say that it isn't about you. I say that there are people out there smarter than me that don't just want your money, they want everyone's money.

Please give it a thought. Always, always trace the money.

WelkinCole279d ago

I think the downvote is because you are just like those snowflakes.

No one here talked about such crap until you like snowflakes that would just talk about how there is no diversity anywhere out of nowhere.

madpuppy279d ago

I agree, Iron Ruri sucks and thankfully Marvel is getting over itself and are getting rid of all the pathetic SJW hires and mass canceling all the corrupted books and story lines. They found out that SJW's DON"T-BUY-COMICS and that alienating their core readership was killing the company.

slavish0279d ago

pointless comment in relations to the article

Silly gameAr278d ago

People like you need to get a life. Not everything is a plot to push diversity on you. People like you are getting as bad as SJWS.

Razzer278d ago Show
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princejb134279d ago

name one game that flying was done correctly?
i just feel like flying gets boring quick because theres no challenge of getting from point a to b

narsaku279d ago

@PUBG Thank you! I'm so happy some people here understand what I was trying to say. I feel so much better now, I was starting to believe nobody loved proper fiction, and that nobody was astute enough to see a clear abuse of social power to manipulate the masses.

No more ranting at my drywall today folks. It's Subway time. >:D

mastiffchild279d ago

Discrimination is discrimination. I worry that we are all being conned by greedy people who care neither about racial harmony, sexual politics and certainly not art. Conned into little arguments to keep our eyes off the fact that it was never white men in charge but more the one per cent of people with the money.

While well meaning folk on left and right argue like we are supposed to literally nothing important will change. The issue, to me, is that too many of us have too little regardless of colour or sexual alignment. Art is suffering because it's tokenistic to replace a white character with a black one or vice versa and ,as with anything else, the best person for the role should get it and characters designed from the ground up to be of differering racial backgrounds should be championed rather than lazily altering existing ones.

To me it insults us all and does nothing but keep us away from real changes like ending World hunger by arguing about lazy, cash centred media designed to way lay meaningful talk.

Racism is real but is in decline as is sexism. Thing is it's the same people as ever with all the power and money, that isn't changing.

The Wood279d ago

Interesting off topic subject but I feel both sides have valid arguments. Many characters have been whitewashed over the decades from Cleopatra, Billy the kid to Jesus. . . .I mean. . Blue eyes? Lol. . . The ret conning of comic characters can be annoying but not to the point I think it's a negative thing. .seeing more black characters isn't a bad thing for me and my daughter would be confused if she saw a white Nick fury. . Basically sometimes things have to be forced. . It's been classed as reverse racism and I think that's disingenuous as I do labelling things sjw behaviour. Those in power or at the top don't just change out of the goodness of their own hearts. Sometimes you have to force things just to get movement. . . Pissed it's getting all political but it seemed relevant to state my honest opinion

NiteX279d ago

Spiderman is pretty damn cool. I wouldn't mind seeing someone make an awesome Ironman game though. All we have are those last gen awful movie games.

OpenGL279d ago

I would assume they chose Spider-Man because Sony still owns the rights to it.

ImGumbyDammit279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

They own the video rights through a deal reached with MGM. MGM bought out Cannon Films - the actual owners of the Spider-Man film rights. And as part of a legal dispute of ownership MGM exchanged Spider-Man for getting the rest of the rights they did not own of James Bond back. As such Sony does not have absolute rights to Spider-Man according to a 1999 agreement. They do not have the rights to make games and other media. They are limited to what they can do with the character or characters from the Spider-Man universe. Sony has had to reach agreements to do anything outside that limited realm that Marvel originally gave Cannon Films back in 1989 them for Spider-Man. And under Disney, Marvel is carefully ruled with an iron fist. Sony gave up something to get something. Mainly because almost every Spider-Man movie they have made (save one Raimi film) have basically been subpar. And prior to this latest Marvel agreement with Sony/Columbia the past two movies were fairly significant financial losers compared to their expected revenue. Sony wanted to see Disney/ Marvel movie money from their Spider-Man movies but Columbia wasn't getting anything close. The meantime Marvel wanted Spidey back in their MCU for the Avengers and so a bargain was reached. Marvel would come in to fully co-produce and develop new Spider-Man movies for Columbia and Spider-Man would be part of the MCU in some limited capacity. This game or possibly series of Spider-Man games were part of that deal.

princejb134279d ago

wrong. Sony bought the rights to the spiderman universe when marvel almost went bankrupt. They had the choice of buying marvel but they felt like spiderman was the only character at the time that people cared about. They were so wrong about this.

ImGumbyDammit279d ago (Edited 279d ago )


It took me two seconds to prove you wrong and exactly show how Columbia gained movie rights that follows the way I described. Downvote all you want but, unless you can prove the opposite I will take various actual articles of actual research by real journalists not copy and paste bloggers and fanboy feelings.

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