SouthPeak buys Gamecock

SouthPeak's confirmed it's acquired Mike Wilson's Gamecock.

Financial terms haven't been disclosed.

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with SouthPeak to continue to bring great original titles from independent developers to market with a stronger sales and distribution reach," said Gamecock boss Mike Wilson.

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PS360WII3687d ago

Well that didn't take long. Gamecock only put out a few games so far but hey why not just means they have a bigger and larger backing to support those game devs :) I like that they help out those indie devs

Harry1903687d ago

Gamecock is probably one of the worst publishers around.

Zerodin3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

It's like that early episode of South Park, the one with the Chicken Lover!
I think it's great that Southpeak is sodomizing chickens to get children to read.

It is also Ironic that the title of the story has a word that we have to censor bypass for our posts.

kingme713687d ago

Gamecock hasn't done much to make a name for themselves outside of their antics. I'm hoping Legendary does well. Moreso for Spark that laid an egg with Turning Point. I imagine Legendary could sink them if it flops.

Bnet3433687d ago

lol I hate Gamecock. They think they are cool because they are indie devs that make different games, except they're games are garbage. Southpeak? ROFL, Monster Madness sucked balls. God only knows why their doing a sequel to Two Worlds. That game is a god awful ripoff of Oblivion. *sigh* Like the old saying goes, two wrongs don't make a right (Southpeak + Gamecock. Two Worlds doesn't make a right either he he.