Is It Time For Sony To Unveil the Playstation 5?

Is it time for Sony to start thinking about the next iteration of the Playstation? Or should the gaming powerhouse play the long game and respond what its competitors are up to

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Snookies12249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

I'm saying 2019 would be a good year to begin showing a potential PS5.

Eonjay249d ago

Plus we still have plenty of good games coming. We aren't gonna to stop being excited for these games to focus on a PS5 yet.

Mr Pumblechook249d ago

As Nyxus said 'No, too early.'

There will be no PS5 in 2018, or 2019 and to be honest I don't even think we will see it in 2020.

rainslacker249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Maybe start hinting at it, but they're going to want to highlight their 2019 games more than a new console. Sony is more likely to release in the same year they announce, so a summer announcement, with a holiday release. I suspect 2020.

2020 will give them 7 years on the market. While a competitor can put pressure on them, it does take time to stage a new system release, which includes getting games support, and since they're not in the process of doing that, outside the early game support, I can't see it coming next year.

On the discussion of competition, if they release next year, it gives MS a year or two to one up them, which could throw the whole power balance off for Sony. The longer Sony waits, the more they put the pressure on MS to release in the same time frame. Sony wouldn't want MS to have an extended power advantage on the market. The mid-gens are one thing, but a brand new gen with the Xbox being significantly more powerful because it released a couple years after, just mandates that Sony would have to do another mid-gen, as opposed to it being more casual like it is now.

Brian7655492249d ago

Development is rumored to already be under way so don't be surprised if they announce it in 2019. No way they will say anything this year.

Looks to me a 3 year cycle is going to be common now. PS4, 2013, PS4 Pro, 2016, PS5 2019, 2022 PS5 Pro.

mikeslemonade249d ago

PS5 should have came out in 2017

FinalFantasyFanatic248d ago

I'm expecting 2020 or 2021-ish as a time frame for release, 2019 still feels a bit too early to me because of the slew of quality games in the works, that and the time it takes for technology to trickle down to the price acceptable for consoles.

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Eldyraen248d ago

I think we will see news of it next year at the latest, even if it’s just an announcement for a 2020 reveal. Next year will be Japan’s 25th PS anniversary which would make a perfect “25 years in Gaming, and the future of PS” reveal (or 2020 release if Worldwide tie-in and a bit later for launch).

Question is, when would it release?

If it releases next year, which is a possibility but one I still doubt, then it would need revealed by e3 ‘19. Most games PS has announced at this point should release by then (most by next year—Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, TLOU2, Spider Man and Death Stranding being the real AAA question marks still). Of those, we will probably have seen DG, SM, and TLOU2 releases by next Spring imo. Ghost and Death? Who knows, maybe a bit later and possibly even as PS4 Swan Songs (TLOU2 would make a perfect one though—to end the generation just like the original did). One might even be Next Gen for all we know as I don’t ever seeing “PS4” really being attached to either Ghost or DS directly.

So, I think part of it comes down to what is shown at this e3. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t announce too many new games (a few probably, especially a remaster/collection) and focused heavily on the unreleased games again—this time going heavier in gameplay side of them (tlou, ghost, open world Spider-Man, etc). If not much “new” is shown, ‘19 reveal is more likely than 2020 imo as surprises will make the PS5 shine even if it releases in 2020.

If 2020 release, probably see it revealed at PSX ‘19, early december to coincide with Japan’s 25th anniversary as I mentioned. Less shown off then however since release will be further away, but also show PS4 a last hurrah with big Spring before PS5 in the Fall of 2020 and still a couple post-PS5 games (that probably get PS5 enhancements as think BC will be a thing for both PS/Xbox from now on).

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rpvenom249d ago

I agree.. way too early.. I'll only be ready for PS5 after GTA 6 releases for this generation.

rpvenom249d ago


Yeah I know.. but one can hope.. what happened to the days where two gta games would release per generation... (insert cry face emoji)

madforaday249d ago


Now they can make an original GTA game for this generation and then remake it for the PS5.

TheCommentator249d ago

Honestly, I say the longer they wait, the better. They're in no position to rush things with their current success and would only piss off some people who bought the Pro. It's not worth it.

I prefer Xbox, but let's face it; In a best case scenario MS announces new 1st party studios acquisitions and several games, but it still won't be a significant impact to Sony for at least a few years anyways. And that's a world-stunning performance by MS I'm talking about and very, very unlikely to happen. Again, I say let the "mid-gen" consoles ride themselves out and then upgrade; it's better for everybody.

AmUnRa248d ago

Agree 110%, you hit the nail on the head.

cigi248d ago

The only issue is that MS has been banking on Backward and forward comparability in an unseen way. There will be no generations for MS gooing forward. They will just be able to improve the fidelity of the games on newer consoles. So they dont have anything to loose here.

On the other hand Sony is much more in jeopardy here. Will they be able to follow MS do they have the skills to pull this of. I am not sure. So they will wait as loon as they can to make this right.

TheCommentator248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

Kind of off topic, Cigi, but I see what you're saying about the future of things being advantageous for MS. That's more of a long term thing though, and even a turnaround at E3 this year would not yield results that have any immediate impact on Sony. Sony has got games for days and MS only has a handful at the moment.

To your point, if all this work MS out into the notion of BC/FC pays off though then it will break the cycle of starting over at the beginning of a generation. This is true for gamers and the industry in general. If MS makes the "2X" the lead platform and the 1X the "budget console" in a few years then MS already has an install base for next generation software and a cheap entry point into the newest games at a lower fidelity.

Sony is going to have to develop a hypervisor like MS if they intend to compete with MS in this regard, and they still may not have the ability to use the Pro like MS will use the 1X it the scenario I just described. Sony's got games and MS has got HW and each will need to catch up to the other in their own ways, so it could get really interesting over the next few years for sure.

Xenophon_York249d ago

The same panic happened with the PlayStation 4 being discussed. By the time the PS4 launched hardly anyone complained.

WilliamSheridan249d ago

2021 or 22 release. No way we get anything this year. Next year the earliest. Announcing this early will kill sales of the current gen.

Seraphim249d ago

when PS4 dropped, as always there's speculation already about when the next might release. I always said 2019 at the earliest though most likely 2020-2021. At the same time we never would have imagined a mid gen upgrade in the Pro. Considering the steam PS4 has, PS4 Pro, PS4 pricing, etc. I'd imagine at earliest we'd see an announcement would be 2019 with a release in 2020. I just don't see Sony already dropping a PS5 in 2019. My guess would be 2021 atm but 2020 wouldn't be surprising.

gamingunited249d ago

Microsoft showed the X a year and a half before it's launch. I think all the gloves are off on showing consoles early. I would laugh if Sony just did a reveal showing a motherboard and saying 20 Teraflops then dropped the mic at E3 this year

rainslacker249d ago

Eh, Sony has more class than to just announce some numbers. They like to show what those numbers can do.

Granted, just announcing a number would give plenty of ammo for the console wars, but it's sad that people only look at the numbers to make up their minds.

rainslacker249d ago

Can't see why they'd be in a hurry. I'm not really in a hurry. I still think the best is yet to come this gen, and I'd rather not disrupt that with a new gen launch right now, or soon.

As of right now, I can't see anything really threatening Sony's market dominance, so from a business perspective, there is no reason to risk losing market share by jumping to the next gen too early.

On the plus side, the longer they hold out, the stronger their next console can be vs a reasonable price.

I suspect they'll announce mid-2020, and release for that holiday. Sony already has games announced expected to release in 2019, and a new console will just distract from that, unless Sony plans to cross gen them, or release most of their games early in the year.

FinalFantasyFanatic246d ago

Can we just stop being excited about shiny new things, with the amount of life left in the ps4 I don't see any reason to be enthused about a new playstation.

Ceaser9857361249d ago

2020 Nov will be a good time to release the PS 5 and since Sony made a lot of profit this time. I hope they invest well on the PS 5 .. 4K 60fps should be mandatory ... At least go for a powerful CPU... 499 USD with 4K 60fps and introducing Backward compatibility will be a win win for Sony.. They can take time and introduce PS4 bc during PS5 3rd year..

Inzo249d ago

The article isnt asking if its time to release the PS5, its asking if its time to unveil the PS5 and I dont think its too soon for Sony to do so, it it will fall right into their mantra of releasing a new console every six years. An unveiling of the PS5 at E3 2018 will, imho mean that we will most likely have a PS5 release date around November 2019 if Sony's history is anything to go by.

Elimin8248d ago

I agree, too early. However 2020 just sound so right for release or at the least reveal?

savedsynner248d ago

Agreed. They still want to get some juice out of the PS4 Pro and just announcing PS5 for 2020 will keep alot of people from buying a PS4 Pro.

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PurplePeopleEaters249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Not yet. E3 2019 would be better.

roadkillers249d ago

I'm commenting off you to get others opinions. Does anyone else feel like this generation just began? I mean, in the past we would have gotten a full GTA game or two, multiple Metal Gear games, a dozen or so new IP's from Sony, along with other games. I'm not saying this generation sucked, I'm just saying it feels like we have just begun.

We're finally getting our first God of War game this generation, first Rockstar game this generation, Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts still feels ages away, and sales of PS4 were the highest they have been. Along with that the PS4 pro launched a little more than a year ago. I think developers are finally hitting their groove with what can do and what they want to do.

rainslacker249d ago

I don't feel that way. But since I'm older, time tends to seem to go by much faster. I think the games which started really showing what this gen could do took a few years to come out, and as such, it may seem that it's only just begun. We still have more steam to this gen, and for my part, I'm in no rush to see the end of the gen. I'd rather it play out naturally enough that game designs can improve before we just jump into next gen with the same game designs and just prettier graphics. I don't think we need another gen where the graphics push it for the first few years.

PurplePeopleEaters249d ago

I don’t feel like the generation just began..( although it does feel like 2013 wasn’t too long ago). It feels Sony’s vast library of First Party Studios are just starting to Finish their games for 8th Gen, (while some have already made 1 and working on another one. I can be happy with the PS4 being supported into 2020.. that’s 7 years..

Eldyraen249d ago

I don’t feel it’s just began, but I do think this generation is somewhat a step back from last.

Last gen we saw Mass Effect, Bioshock, AC, etc from third parties that helped define the generation with entirely new IPs—ontop of the old franchises. Gears basically made the 360 imo, in terms of new MS IPs anyways imo. PS had Uncharted, Demon souls (which DS/BB followed suit with), Infamous, etc.

Sony has really stepped it up lately but until the past year or two most games didn’t compare to last gen IPs, I loved some but not really many “defining” games this gen. Xbox? Well... I love my Xbox but they really, really need something special about now.

I’m happy with the games I’ve gotten this gen and with more on the Horizon (pardon the pun), but last gen seemed a stronger generation game wise this far. Some will argue last gen lasted longer, but at least 80% of last gens’ most defining games were released in first 3-4 years.

Gamist2dot0248d ago

I'm actually fine with this gen lasting a little longer so that by the time next gen comes around the new tech will be cheaper and performs better. I don't want to pay $400 for an 8-10 TFLOP console in 2019. I prefer a 12-14TF for $400 by 2020. If they do release a 8-10TF in 2019; then I' might wait for the Pro.

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mafiahajeri249d ago

Nope would be dumb considering all the exclusives still to come.

Besides I'm in no rush this generation still has a lot to offer across the board...

Waiting for that Pokemon switch game to see if it's the game I fantasized about as a kid xD

Announce it late next year after TLOU 2 is out.

DARK_WOLF249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

I think they should announce a slim ps4 pro with a 4k uhd drive at e3. Run with that for 2 years then announce ps5 e3 2020

Firebird360249d ago

That would be perfect and I think you're right. Pro slim.

Shiken249d ago

2020 is my guess too. A slim PS4Pro is def coming too.

-Foxtrot249d ago

God I hope not

Could still get a couple of years out of the PS4

paintedgamer1984249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

By fall 2019 all the exclusives we know about could have dropped including death stranding. Do you at least agree that if all exclusives have dropped before 2020 that theres really no reason not to release a ps5 if game dev have moved onto it? Im ready... ive had more ps4 since nov 2013...

Cy249d ago

Lol @ anyone who thinks Death Stranding is coming out next year.

Shiken249d ago

I think 2020 is the year to reveal it. A Feb teaser reveal, in depth info at E3 and pre order openings, then launch holiday same year. I would even be ok with 2021 depending on the leap. 2019 or sooner is too early though.

LP-Eleven249d ago

In a word: no. They're doing just fine with the PS4. I don't get where this sudden obsession with rushing out the next system has come from.

Cy249d ago

"Analysts" who have to justify their existence by pulling headline-worthy predictions out of their ass, and "journalists" who write articles based on those predictions to get clicks.

MoonConquistador249d ago

And yet they also keep getting approved for this site. Surely by logic if we stop this crap at the approvals stage and don't give the stories exposure, we'll be subjected to less of them

WilliamSheridan249d ago

It came from X1X being the most powerful system. Now that there is a bigger better stringer system, the fanboys want to rush Sony to release the next system and retake the power lead. Turns out, Sony mostly got their lead from the power gap...

LP-Eleven249d ago

Sony's lead has far less to do with any power gap and more to do with having a better read of the market. The X1X hasn't done a thing to shift the needle. The brand continues to lose on a weekly and monthly basis by no less than 2:1. So power has largely been irrelevant.

Really, I shouldn't be surprised by the 'need' for a new system. Every generation this happens.

Stogz249d ago

If that were true then why is Xbox still losing now that they have the most powerful system?

strifeblade249d ago

@ LP-eleven
its really just a positive buzz and good marketing at a key moment in the ps4 life cycle. By all accounts at launch xbox had the better line up, but that diddnt matter since huge negative media and sony cheaper price point was huge, and ps4 being more power was a plus. Gamers were convinced.

Now by all accounts msoft really do have the best console with the x, in many respects that Im sure we are already familiar with, but its a bit late and will take time for momentum. Sony still have momentum from its uuserbase and positive word of mouth since launch and msoft can't seem to recover but they are in the right direction.

And again this ps5 with the realease of the x, and in this case its about power from which fans use to enjoy with previous consoles but the x really has a pretty big gap in power and anyone with a 4k and a pro cant wait for ps5.

rainslacker249d ago

I don't see a single Sony fan, or fan boy, saying they're hoping Sony releases a new gen console anytime soon. 2020 seems to be the earliest most are expecting it, and most seem fine with that, because we have a pretty good expected line up of games through at least 2019. Some speculate 2019, but even then, most think that that would be extremely early.

Most Sony fans or fan boys don't even think the X1X power gap is that big of a deal, because it isn't actually affecting the current make up of the markets sales. PS4 has chugged along at a steady pace.

WilliamSheridan249d ago

The power gap and price gap is all they had the first 3 years. Only recently have exclusives come into play. Microsoft had the better exclusives for a while. But the power and price gap killed them.

It'll be interesting to see the next wave of machines

WilliamSheridan249d ago

@rainslacker all the fanboys are calling for 2019, and you guys don't think the power gap is a big deal? It's not noticeable than the gap with Xbox One OG and PS4 Base model. Why does it suddenly not matter? Because MS is favored?

LP-Eleven249d ago

Um, the first three years, they had more than power. Beyond the fact that Xbox is nowhere NEAR as big a brand as PlayStation, the PS4 was also cheaper. Like I said, Sony has a better read of the market.

ShadowWolf712249d ago

It mattered with the base models because the Ps4 was a more powerful machine while being $100 CHEAPER. No kidding the One X is stronger, but it's also $100-$250 more expensive, depending on the model of PS4 you choose.

That's the little detail y'all like to ignore while referencing that. When the One X is $100 cheaper than the Pro, then your comparison would have merit.

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Nucler100249d ago

Exactly what I'm saying.