PlayStation and Cross-Play - No Match Made in Heaven

With a dominant install base worldwide, PlayStation has no real need for cross-play. Most games will find someone amongst the 80 millions users to set you up with. Why hand this advantage over to their competitors?

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JaguarEvolved278d ago

Sony shouldn't agree to any cross platform play for PlayStation to Xbox. Microsoft didn't want to do it last gen so I don't know why Sony would want to do it now when it only benefits Microsoft. If people want to plasy with PlayStation gamers then they should buy a PlayStation

PrimeVinister277d ago

Exactly. There is absolutely nothing in it for Sony so why help their competitors for nought in return?

Telford91277d ago

So their whole "for the player" bit is nonsense?

PrimeVinister277d ago

It's not a dig at Sony by the way.

Elimin8277d ago

@ Telford91

Uh, yeah. Playstation players duh! Why would I sell you a product and promote the other guys'?

Rude-ro277d ago

Exactly. Why open up to the windows client of which is the only way Microsoft wants it done? I love how almost every article leaves that bit of information out.

ZeroX9876277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

So the nintendo switch would be fine right?
why can't we play with switch players in rocket league? Not like nintendo actually refused crossplay before, they didn't have an online platform in the first place!
At this point, I don't give a damn hell on which platform you choose to play. I had great gaming PCs alongside my consoles for years and I would love to get a bigger online community and be able to play with all of my friends.
What's the bad side of crossplay? Can someone please list the bad things about crossplay with switch/PS4?

Children safety is bullshit at this point, since you can play fortnite with PC including voice chat. where's the safety in that? only quick chat option would still be awesome.

Pancit_Canton278d ago

PlayStation has been doing Crossplay ever since Xbox was conceived.

Cueil277d ago

What about MMOs? It is stupid that severs are split