Zentendo: FIFA 09 All-Play Review

Another year passes; the summer's nights end and FIFA announce their latest Football season to the world. With this new season comes hordes of rabid fans, each supporting their favourite teams, and all players of the top teams have multi-million pound contract, for kicking a ball around a field. With this new season comes the latest EA football game: FIFA 09 All-Play for the Nintendo Wii. EA are often blasted for their sports games, as each year it seems like they just tack on a few more players, a few more scenarios and very little else.

FIFA 09 All-Play for the Nintendo Wii is an entirely different experience to previous football games. There's little premise to the title: the player just follows the international football scene and they choose a team to be and play that team to the top of the league table. However, the Wii version makes use of the Wii Controller in an entirely new way. The player navigates the players around the screen with the Nunchuck, and then they have to move the Wii Remote's cursor around the screen to select the area where they want to the ball to go.

This may sound uninteresting and awkward but it's really not.

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