Hardware Review: My Arcade Super Gamepad (SNES Classic) | Hey Poor Player

Hey Poor Player's Francis DiPersio writes "Overall, the My Arcade Super Gamepad is a huge improvement over the standard SNES Classic controller. It's comfortable and responsive, and the new turbo and ZL and ZR buttons make it versatile when used across multiple platforms."

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derkasan277d ago

I can see this being perfect for Pokken and the upcoming Smash.

Notellin277d ago

Except this is for the SNES classic. See nothing about compatibility with the switch.

derkasan277d ago

So it is - my mistake. I believe 8BitDo makes a similar controller for the Switch, so I must have missed the SNES Classic part in the title.

Looks good for the SNES Classic, at least.

Soy277d ago

It's ok. The 8bitdo wireless pad is better, but this is fine. I wish it was rechargeable, but that's a preference. The control pad is a bit loose, though still responsive.