Will the 3DS Overshadow the Switch in 2018?

Some Switch fans are worried about all the 3DS games slated for 2018, fearing this may be the writing on the wall. But are they right? Is Nintendo's original hand-held really the future?

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Neonridr278d ago

No.. why would we even ask this? With Smash coming for sure and possibly Pokemon in 2018, the 3DS will be somewhat of an afterthought.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

semi ot

neo- yet the lowest selling PlayStation Home console is already a higher average than even the best selling Nintendo Home console.

At the end of the day I would always choose a PlayStation over anything that Nintendo is releasing because they have a consistency , I'm sorry but the sales of the Wii are flukes and please don't waste time with Nintendo or Super Nintendo with this excuse of it was early in gaming , the issue that Nintendo had in those early generations with a mixture of not listening to game developers on top of trying to influence other games that they were not apart of in the first place.

So PlayStation 1 selling 100 million very much proved there was a massive Market for games that Nintendo was ignoring so it has nothing to do with that they were not that many gamers, it has everything to do with Nintendo strangle holding the market in trying to monopolize it to fit their family friendly Centric idea.

PlayStation selling 100 million did not just magically make people appear I believe PlayStation proved once and for all that there was always a market for games for adults and other demographics that Nintendo ignored to keep selling to kids and children they kept trying to sell this like a kid's toy yet they're surprised that they kept losing until inevitably only making Portables.

So I'm sure the Nintendo switch is going to sell fine but I'm extremely doubtful it's going to sell 100 million because the 3 DS and Wii U combined is not 100 million and I don't see anything happening right now Nintendo that is going to gain them new consumers that we're not purchasing Nintendo products previously.

It's simply comes down to Content until Nintendo was actually able to produce something but they did not produce the previous-generation you're going to see a mixture of the same responses that you saw from 3DS.

So I don't see a single thing that's actually pointing towards new consumer's purchasing Nintendo products if the content is primarily remaining the same....

In order to get to 100 million you actually have to let us know where this extra amount of consumers is coming from that magically disappeared the previous generation.

I don't see anything that's happening right now with Nintendo that would make someone who didn't buy anything from them the previous-generation suddenly want to purchase them now especially if their software is remaining pretty much the same.

People by systems for games... that's like trying to convince someone that the next Call of Duty is going to sell better than every other Call of Duty Without Really explaining where they're getting this new market from lol

Neonridr278d ago

people can be won over.. nobody bought the Wii U, doesn't mean those people can't buy the Switch if there are games that appeal to them. If Nintendo keeps releasing top quality content and attracting 3rd party devs over to the system (something the Wii U lacked immediately after the launch window) then more and more people will see the need to want one.

I understand its not for everyone though, but as a gamer at heart who loves to play amazing games, I wouldn't be content if I limited myself to only one console. Too much out there you would miss out on. That's why I have a PS4, Switch and a gaming PC. I can cover virtually every square inch of gaming.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

The individuals that existed in that casual Market I don't even believe are playing games anymore as to why I stated in the previous article it is an unhealthy install base, it is a random fragmented and basically based on looky-loos only interested in buying the next fad I'm sorry but I don't really believe that is an install base of users that is randomly going to skip one system and then jump to the next one I find that extremely unlikely.

Grandma and soccer moms are not buying the switch.

If they were ever going to be won over they would have done so with the Wii U after the Wii. Consider it was right after the other system on top of even caring the same name and still could not get that market back it is a lost cause and those people only existed to buy the newest Trend not to become lifelong established gamers.

And like I stated you have to actually explain what you're talking about ,what is specifically releasing on the switch that was not releasing on the Wii U that's going to bring this demographic over if the Wii U could not suffice?

If anything what game that is completely different from what Nintendo normally offers is available for the switch that would argue that they would ever get back that previous Market?

And please stop making it personal I'm not talking about you or even what I normally play this is just talking about the market in general.

So yes I'm buying the Nintendo switch but keep in mind I also purchased every other Nintendo portable in the past.....

So I don't believe 3rd party games are going to make somebody buy a Nintendo switch that never bought a previous Nintendo system as it doesn't really make any sense because it's an argument made in a bubble in a vacuum this assumption that the individual would buy the system to play a game they technically could already play somewhere else anyway.

So once again what is Nintendo themselves as the company actually making to bring consumers over to their system that was not previously represented in the past? That is what actually built install bases.

Your argument is almost basically trying to say that you're hoping that people change their minds on a specific type of content that is already existed for multiple Generations like I said it would be like me telling you Call of Duty is going to sell better by doing nothing different at all but just being Call of Duty and not really explaining to you why someone would buy the game but they've already passed up for several Generations.

You can't win on an argument with hopefully it will appeal to the people that already declined to buy it previously...

Or like trying to say so what that someone passed up on the last 10 Call of Duty's maybe the next Call of Duty will appeal to them lol and then go on to say "well maybe they won't like Call of Duty but I personally like it" I mean buddy who on Earth was questioning whether you are I liked it?

sounds like a irrelevant cop out. Nintendo keeps releasing top quality content that's geared towards the same individuals there actually is not going to be a projection of them selling any more units than they already did the 3 DS and Wii U cuz they're catering to the exact individuals that always by their systems anyway.

277d ago
_-EDMIX-_278d ago

agreed. Even as an owner of the 3DS I'm actually completely fine with the switch getting most of the attention. It's their new system and they're not even doing me any favors personally by holding games back from the switch to release it on 3 DS especially since I would actually want to play some of that content on the Nintendo switch as opposed to seeing it held back to release on something else.

All of their biggest Megaton announcements so far have been for the switch even Luigi's Mansion remaster which I'm happy to hear about coming to the 3 DS is just a remaster. So I'm not entirely sure how the 3 DS could even overshadow the Nintendo switch considering the switch is much more powerful is getting more support by default of Nintendo putting all their Studios on one device on top of still having the portability of 3DS.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

Reading the article I think that's actually unlikely I believe that the people who buy 3DS are just simply going to transition over to the switch based on its portability and continue their gaming.

That's what I'm doing

Dimi1978278d ago

Nintendo does what already said some time ago : They support the 3DS, which co exists alongside the Switch. The 3DS targets different user groups than the switch, and these are younger and budget conscious gamers. Strong selling points of the 3DS are also it's amazing library and the -let's admit it- much better portability when compared to the switch, which is almos laptop-like portable. Moreover, the new 2DS/3DS XL models offer ecxellent gaming experience and their high sales prove, that many people do not need the latest hardware possible or the best hd graphics to enjoy gaming. And let's face it, a 70+ mil. install base can not be trashed just like that. On the other hand, the Switch gets all the support and games it deserves and as a new console, it needs resources and games to fill it's library, something that Nintendo is very actively doing. So there is nothing to worry about. After all, the Switch outsells everything out there and that is a major reason why there should be no worries about the switche's survival. Combine that with the still high sales of the 3DS and...voila!!! Nintendo sells much more consoles than any other manufacturer. It's just that each Nintendo console offers something different : best portability, cheaper gaming, richer library = 3DS. Newer hardware, HD gaming, desktop gaming experience+handheld factor = Switch. Both systems are great in their own ways and they are both Nintendo. And Nintendo loves both, because they...print money. They have no reason to kill the 3DS if it still sells well, while the Switch outsells all the competition. Nintendo knows that. And it's very understandable.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

The switch in the 3DS basically have the same markets in regards to demographics I'm sorry but lots of the same content you're seeing are basically interchangeable as I'm not even seeing anything releasing on the switch by Nintendo themselves that otherwise would have never released on 3DS (besides the obvious technical limitations)

Nintendo is this likely saying these things because they still want to keep selling the system before they clearly phase it out in favor of the Nintendo switch my biggest issue is how on Earth would it actually help Nintendo Gamers or people who own the switch to have content being produced under 3 DS that is not coming out on the switch yet both of them being Nintendo systems? Because to hear that Luigi's Mansion remaster is coming to 3DS but not to the switch is questionable as there is no reason why it cannot exist on the switch.

So you telling me the people who own the switch just don't like Metroid and also don't like Luigi's Mansion? I'm sorry but I just don't believe there's that difference between those demographics and they're just saying this before they quietly phase it out because the number of the big releases are happening on switch

as it should be. I don't see the point of having a hybrid system if they're also going to keep favoring another system with games lol

I mean you're talking about a 70 million install base but have you not took into consideration that they have no problem moving away from a 100 million one with the Wii?🤔🤔🤔 ;

I believe nothing is wrong with still supporting 3 DS with games but I believe going forward anything being made for that system needs to be instantly ported to the Nintendo switch. Switch already has a touch screen and it's already more powerful I'm sorry but there's no excuse to keep trying to fragment something like this

Dimi1978278d ago

The switch can not get all the games of the world at once, although it has most of the support from everywhere. You should not ignore the true facts that i mentioned above, because that is how gaming business works. Everything else is just wishful thinking of switch owners, who fear the constant success of a 7 year old system.