Stage Kit for Rock Band Adds Lights and Smoke to Gamers' FunStage Kit for Rock Band adds lights and smoke to gamers' fun.

With billowing smoke and shimmering stage lights, Stage Kit for Rock Band will soon help wannabe rockers look more like the real thing.

The Stage Kit, designed and developed by Performance Designed Products (PDP), will hit store shelves in October, closely following the recent release of Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360. Both should be popular choices this holiday season.

The Stage Kit creates a light-and-smoke effect that is synchronized to the music and will help would-be rockers in living rooms look the part of rock stars on stage. The accessory is the latest in the push to make the video game experience more real.

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PS360PCROCKS3713d ago

HA! if your not 10 and under you're a huge NERD for buying this lmao.

Nineball21123713d ago

I agree, but if I was a young kid... this would be SO cool!!