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Devil May Cry HD Collection Review - Tell Me Again How That Was Remastered | COGconnected

COGconnected: Devil May Cry returns once more with the HD collection, bringing the cult classic trilogy to current gen. Does the solemn and gory history of Dante, the Son of Sparda, hold up after 17 years?

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Community280d ago
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showtimefolks280d ago

Capcom=greed=easy money=lazy port of last gen HD remaster=charge $40

showtimefolks280d ago


My bad still rest of the argument and my comment below stands

If nothing else release these in native 4k like the pc version

TheDriz280d ago

So as a business owner I don’t give anything away for free. Would you? Everyone wants free stuff until they own a business

showtimefolks280d ago

It's not about free. If they wanted to release it again maybe improve something from the last HD collection. We aren't even getting native 4k with 60FPS

Come on man so basically they are re-releasing the same collection and charging($30)

sinjonezp280d ago

Its not about giving anything away for free, its about providing an experience worth buying again. We can go to the store and get DMC for about 10$? So what warrants 30$ in this package? Okay, when they say HD, HD is 1080p right? I guess if we were to be specific, and wanted 4k UHD support maybe...we should have asked for that and it would be in the title. Like, "Devil May Cry UHD." (Wishful thinking) But looking at the package, i do not see the value. I think this would have been good at 19.99. Ultimately, we can only speak with our dollars and feedback, hoping that they can update the title with UHD support. If it were titled "Remake" then I would say this is crap after seeing the likes of Shadow of Colossus. But as just for an HD upgrade, it should be priced better.

TheDriz280d ago

I really don’t think anyone on this site knows a thing about the industry they love so much

TheDriz280d ago

Ok so don’t buy it again. I’d love to have it in HD so I’m gonna buy it. If you are all about experiences why waste your time hating on here? Go experience

Ninver280d ago

@ thedriz

You make no sense. No one is expecting it to be free. All we ask is for some effort to be put into it. Atleast make it attractive to a certain degree instead of a mediocre excuse for a remaster.

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Gman32280d ago

yup you know it the people who downvote you must love ported games because this is not a true remaster with enhancements for Xbox one x and ps4 pro

Vandamme21280d ago

I'm not even gonna bother getting this because i already own the hd collection on PS3. I'm just waiting for the devil may cry 5 announcement.

280d ago
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TheDriz280d ago

I haven’t seen this advertised by anyone from capcom as a remaster. It only exists for people like me who haven’t played since the ps2 and want another crack at it. $10 a game is fine for me. I understand they did this last gen but I didn’t touch it then because I wasn’t interested. It’s been long enough that I am ready.

dripdrop30280d ago

Judge me all you want, I never played any of the DMC games. So I'm actually kinda excited for this.

chaos-emeralds280d ago

I haven't played them, so I'm glad it's getting another release on ps4.

FBNS280d ago

Calls itself a collection.... While omitting a game in said collection... Seriously... Why isn't part 4 here? Lol... All the hate it gets... It's still better than the trash 2 was

Darkwatchman280d ago

Because it’s just a port of the devil may cry collection last gen which only existed to make the standard definition games run in high definition resolutions????

And Devil May Cry 4 was already HD because it was made for PS3 and Xbox 360 and it also already got remastered and released on ps4 and Xbox One whereas this collection is the first time 1-3 are playable on ps4 and Xbox One.

Pretty obvious why #4 isn’t in the collection.

FBNS279d ago

Not really ... Like you stated ... They already did the work bringing a digital copy to the system ... So there's no reason even a digital code for 4 shouldn't have been included ... We've also gotten "hd remakes" of ps360 games ... Think you hurt yourself with this argument 🤷‍♂️

bigmalky280d ago

UK has a special edition with all 4 DMC games and the DLC included for £40...

Kind of a bargain, but there's too much coming soon to start playing all these for that price, seeing as it's not an upgrade from the PS3 version. Luckily, it'll be on sale by the time I've finished with Monster Hunter World, God of War and Detroit.