PS4 Game With ‘The Quest For The Breasts’ Tagline Banned In UK

Omega Labyrinth now banned from release in UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

meka26116d ago

And governments continue to decide what is good for us, instead of, I don't know, us doing it!!

The_Jackel6d ago

thank god for no region lock on consoles huh? lol

bluefox7556d ago

Seems like plenty of things are being banned in the UK these days.

The_Sage6d ago

How can a government decide what an adult chooses to view if it is not all out criminal?

neomahi6d ago

On a continent where public nudity isn't that big of a deal, secular society reigns supreme, and women can show off as much of their boobs as they want as long as you can't see a nipple, and they're fussing over this? Britain has a lot of other issues to work out first before tackling this. I applaud them for wanting to create a better society, but they've got conflicting messaging.

milohighclub6d ago

Have any of you read this? From the sounds of it the games encouraging paedophilia. 1st time I've agreed with a game getting banned.