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Far Cry 5 PS4 Pro Render Mode Offers Higher Res or Better Graphics Mode; Presumably on XB1X as Well

The Far Cry 5 PS4 Pro render mode seemingly allows players to pick between a ‘higher resolution’ or ‘better graphics’ mode.

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Community274d ago
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Vasto274d ago ShowReplies(4)
AizenSosuke274d ago

Lol pro getting everything presumably.

274d ago Replies(1)
Eonjay273d ago

I would like to talk about the picture with the dog... holding a gun lol.

rainslacker273d ago

Guns don't cause puppy dogicide.

Profchaos273d ago

I said fetch the paper Boomer dammit

MadMax273d ago

It's shows an extreme likeness to Max's dog from Road Warrior.

isarai274d ago

No performance mode?, id much rather do higher framerate than any of those options

TheCommentator274d ago

More games need to learn from Turn 10 and decouple their physics framerate from their visuals. Then 30fps isn't too big of a deal. Forza Horizon is 360fps for physics and 30fps for visuals and it's both beautiful and responsive. Sure it's a compromise, but choosing how to use power always is.

OpenGL273d ago

It's really not that responsive, once you've played Forza Horizon 3 at 60fps you will never want to go back to playing it at 30fps again.

fr0sty273d ago

CPU limitations on both consoles likely hold that back from happening.

isarai273d ago

That doesn't even make sense, we have a Resolution increase, or graphical increase, turn both of those enhancements off WILL allow more frames instead. Not saying 60fps, but it will do something above the standard version

Andi_Kom273d ago

@israi: That´s not how it works. Graphical effects and higher resolutions only need slightly more CPU power. Higher framerates on the other hand need much more CPU resources which just aren´t available. Many studios have confirmed that (PC benchmarks prove that principle as well).

fr0sty272d ago

Exactly. If physics calculations, animation, collision detection, AI, etc. can't all be processed in less than 16ms, you can't hold a solid 60fps no matter how powerful the GPU is. GPU only renders the visuals, there's a lot more going on in a video game than that, and they all have to work together in harmony. GPU can't wait for CPU to finish doing its thing before sending the frame to the TV.


Hopefully X1X has the same, plus better textures, shadows, etc. overall since it has more/faster memory.

PFFT274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

No if or buts about that. Hell its doing just that with every other title already released. This one shouldnt be any different. I mean we already know Ubi is doing a great job with the X enhancements. Just take a look at what they did with AC:Origins looks no different than the PC version in ultra settings.

iistuii274d ago

Yeah to look at. But then you move. No 60fps on console & that's where the huge difference is.

ImGumbyDammit274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

@iistuii I thought the huge difference was I didn't have to spend $700 on just a graphics card to get that jump to 60fps for the PC.

Eldyraen274d ago

ACO got a boost on x even with res bump, so bet Ubisoft will be doing what they can for every game for any platform they release on. So Ubisoft so far is doing it right imo.

Eonjay273d ago

They will be the same. Roughly. The X doesn't have enough extra power to really be that far ahead of the Pro. The X will probably have a higher resolution. Thats it.


No, it has more RAM, which means more assets on screen... GPU =Graphics/resolution, CPU = Physics (other CPU extensive task) and Framerate, RAM = Textures, Objects, LOD, etc. ;)

LateNightThirst273d ago

Oh yeah cause 1440p vs native 4K is barely a difference huh

Dlacy13g274d ago

I like to see devs starting to offer these kinds of settings for console. I actually wish they would extend that out to the standard versions of games as well. No reason why they couldn't offer up a similar setting for the non-Pro and non-X versions of the consoles. Let gamers have a choice around performance vs graphical fidelity regardless of the consoles ability to push 4k or not.

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