What is Bluepoint's Next Project? I Sure Hope it's the Mass Effect Trilogy

"Bluepoint’s next project is (once again) a remake that is larger in scope in comparison to the studio’s last title, Shadow of the Colossus on PlayStation 4." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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TheColbertinator75d ago

At this point the trilogy remake is its greatest saving grace for the entire franchise

Septic74d ago

They should do Vagrant Story

Tessa____74d ago

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darthv7274d ago

I say Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2

EeJLP-73d ago

Video guy cant finish a sentence without a jumpcut. Isn't Bluepoint 'remaking a PS classic'? So no, not Mass Effect. I'm hoping for MGS, especially if they're saying it's bigger than Shadow of the Colossus like the jumpcut man claims, but that's not Sony owned IP, which most of their projects have been. This far into the gen I'd rather wait for it to be even better early PS5, same with Resistance: Fall of Man.

EeJLP-73d ago

Another possibility is a God of War 1 remake. That's based on if they followed the trend of remaking a game they previously remastered. In terms of original sales, God of War is bigger than SotC (although SotC is more of a timeless classic). I doubt it though, because the franchise is moving in a different direction and this would be releasing after the new game. It would also be only 1/6th of the total experience, or 2/6 including the GOW3 remaster already on PS4.. Not likely the other 4 would make it on PS4 before PS5 came out. The first 6 should stick together like Halo collection. So I don't think it's God of War and I don't think any or many consider Ico to be bigger than SotC, so I want both of those too, but I'd rule them out as their current project if 'bigger than SotC' claim is true.

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kevnb74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

i think they can just do a quick port that will obviously run at a higher resolution and maybe even 60 fps, they can even call it a remaster if you will. That way they can bundle all three games for one price and people who missed it the first time can try it out.

Haurus75d ago

Mass Effect is still too new. A remake would be pointless.

ptownjbo74d ago

Mass Effect came out just 2 years after Shadow of the Colossus, 11 years ago. And this game might still be 2 years out. I personally would love it. ME1 gets overlooked too often.

crazychris412474d ago

its been 11 years already? Seems like yesterday were were all pissed at the ending to ME3, that was 6 years ago.

Haurus74d ago

New as in console generation, not numerical age. SotC was on the PS2. ME was PS3/360. A Mass Effect remake on the current gen of consoles would not provide a worth while upgrade over the originals.

Rude-ro74d ago

We are talking about ea right?
Is no one paying attention to burnout? It’s the exact same game and it is from the same gen..
I would wait longer and long enough to upgrade the ending of me3

_-EDMIX-_74d ago

The first mass effect the game just seemed like it was a great concept that just hide a poor execution compared to Mass Effect 2 so I would actually love a remake of the very first game in frostbite.

morganfell74d ago

But they aren't talking just a remake of one game but the trilogy so your comparison of 2 years after SOTC doesn't fly. No, they are better off waiting for next gen to push it out.

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blackblades74d ago

Ikr, they lame for saying it. Gotta be something old around ps1/ps2 era hell older.

_-EDMIX-_74d ago

Well not necessarily and to be quite honest I believe most are simply referring to in HD remaster not necessarily an entire ground up remake which is absolutely unlikely. I mean I assume that's what the article means but maybe they're confused about remakes versus remasters.

DevilishSix74d ago

Bluepoint has to large of a team now to be bothered with a resolution remaster. They are about total reworks to pay their staff.

chris23574d ago

every remake is pointless

blitz062374d ago

I didn't hear anyone complaining about the Uncharted trilogy remaster?

jeromeface73d ago

SotC was remastered on ps3 as well...

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ziggurcat75d ago

No. They wouldn't be doing ME.

-Foxtrot74d ago

Hopefully not

We want older games which might have become irrelevant today and needs a remake as a reminder to how great the game was...thus giving it a new spark of life where sequels can be made

rainslacker74d ago

Ea could easily push out a remaster trilogy if they wanted to. None of the games feel dated. I doubt the cost to remaster the full series is worth it to them, when they could just do an easy cash in with a texture update.

zaherdab74d ago

their remakes have to have a solid base to start from ... they build on top of the original game having both engines running ... there are very few old games that have mechanics that can still hold up so if the game has become irrelevant its probably that its' gameplay doesnt hold up anymore not just the graphics

NecrumOddBoy74d ago

I want them to tackle a game worthy of a remake like SOTC. But almost every classic game on PlayStation 1 and Playstation 2 have been remade or remastered. There's no point in doing another Spiderman, Oddworld, Metal Gear Solid, or even a Square game. The original Tomb Raider has been remastered and so have countless others. Will Capcom allow them to do one of their franchises? Onimusha perhaps? Are we getting another Spyro? I'm curious to know what they're going to do.

I would like them or somebody to remaster Indigo Prophecy, or it would be cool if it was up rezzed as a pre-order bonus for Detroit

Araragifeels 74d ago

But many of those HAD Remake need to be Remake from scratch so I would like to see Jak & Daxter 1-3, Sly Cooper 1-3, God Of War 1-2, MGS 1-4 made from the ground up.

_-EDMIX-_74d ago

Yeah but in order for that to happen those companies have to even be interested in doing that in the first place