Dear Sony and Microsoft, Please Copy the Nintendo Switch ASAP

TheNextWeb: “Any seasoned gamer knows Nintendo has been responsible for many of the most significant advancement of gaming. But while Nintendo fans have liked to snicker and claim “first!” whenever a competitor copies one of its innovations, I hope Sony and Microsoft clone the Nintendo Switch as soon as possible. The Switch is the reason I still have time to be a gamer.”

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DarkVoyager279d ago

Handheld is just something Nintendo reigns at. I don’t see anyone being able to copy their success.

JaguarEvolved279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Why would those companies want to release a weak console with barely any games to play especially sony with the PlayStation. Not everyone wants a weak console where power was sacrificed because of portability and most people would rather hang out with family or friends when they are out and about with them. I can't even imagine what some proper adult looks like playing a switch at work when they should be working or even if they are on a break. Ps4 is a way better gaming console than the switch. The ps4 destroyed the Wii u to where Nintendo had to abandon ship early and now the ps4 is still destroying switch.

TekoIie279d ago

"Why would those companies want to release a weak console with barely any games to play especially sony"

I know right!!! Its not like they actually did that... Oh, wait.

"I can't even imagine what some proper adult looks like playing a switch at work when they should be working or even if they are on a break."

Actually, I'll tell you since I did that! People actually ask if they can play Mario Kart with me. I know it's difficult for you to grasp that grown adults could like Nintendo but I think that's your insecurities showing rather than any fault on their part.

"The ps4 destroyed the Wii u to where Nintendo had to abandon ship early and now the ps4 is still destroying switch."

Think the Wii U did that to itself seeing as it was struggling long before the PS4 was even announced and that the PS4 didnt make those bad sales any worse. So now I'll ask how does the PS4 destroy the Switch when its sold spectacularly and outdone pretty much all reasonable expectations? Even what little 3rd party support its getting is a lot more than anyone honestly expected.

I won't expect a reasonable response seeing as you've been in quite a few comment sections claiming a New SSMB game is not a big deal for Nintendo or that they make any new IP's. You can absolutely dislike Nintendo, but please stop spreading BS when you can't even back it up.

Razmiran278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

The ps4 sold more in 4 years than the switch in 1 year, I CANT BELIVE IT THIS CANT BE REAL IT MUST BE TRUE SWITCH SUCKS
Seriously man?
Also, "The ps4 destroyed nintendo consoles sooo bad haha" the reverse happened in portables and sony abandoned ship early in that case

jukins278d ago

I would've loved if the vita could've actually played ps4 games outside of remote play. Notnthat I'd use the feature all the time but been stuck plenty of places and sometimes a cellphone just doesn't pass the time like games do

xPhearR3dx278d ago

You sound extremely bitter. TekoIie is right, grown adults like Nintendo. Especially the adults like myself who grew up on Nintendo. Me and one of my friends got the Switch day 1 and play it almost every day during our break. Now half of our staff owns a Switch and we all play and have a great time. I mean, if you hate fun then sure.

I love my PS4 and PC, but I can't take that to work with me. I can't play that for an hour while I take the train to work, then another hour on the way home. By you saying "I can't even imagine what some proper adults look like playing a switch at work" just shows how insecure you are. If you enjoy video games and like them so much (I assume that's why you're posting on N4G), why are you so worried about how you look to random people?

rainslacker278d ago

I'd imagine they'd want to release a portable is to maybe make money off the market. I doubt they'd release a switch style device as a substitute for their home console though. I can't imagine either company is going to release a weaker console to serve both markets, as a portable console does have added costs in the form of batteries and screens, which take away from the power of the CPU or GPU and amount of memory it can offer.

At best, having some supplemental system that can dock with their main console would make the most sense.

georeo278d ago

Seeing grown men walk with the switch in public makes me cringe. Keeping it at home makes sense if someone was watching tv or something, or on a plan.

Razmiran278d ago

Whats wrong with grown men playing switch in public? Are we supposed to be ashamed that we play videogames?

xPhearR3dx278d ago


"Seeing grown men walk with the switch in public makes me cringe"

lol you continue cringing all you want, I'll be having fun :)

Zeref278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

So I cant play games on my Switch when I'm on break, Because I'm an adult?... Right...

Glad you're (and all you lame Sony Ponies who agreed with this guy) not running the videogame industry.

thorstein278d ago

No one cares. Buy both, play both, enjoy both. Duh.

What a weird worldview you have.

PoSTedUP278d ago

switch is the reason i jumped back to nintendo. i would love a portable ps4.

jaymacx277d ago

Playing console games on the go was actually before PSP. It was the Sega Nomad. It played Genesis games and could be connected to the Tv. Sega deserves more credit than they are most offenly given. We use some of their innovations today (analog triggers, broadband ethernet, floating directional pad) .

Father__Merrin277d ago

I've not seen any adult with a switch. Especially at work or the fabled on the's getting successful because people think of it as handheld.

I'd love to play oddesey and botw. But I'm hoping they release a cheaper docked only console

jukins275d ago

@georeo seeing grown men playing games on a dedicated handheld makes you cringe but i bet you walk around swiping and tapping on your cell phone hopping between useless apps checking messages looking at memes etc but somehow playing a game while walking, something you admittedly do at home, is cringe worthy? lol stop trying to be so cool all the time can tell you're one of those people who have to "look" cool no matter what they're doing.

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Babadook7278d ago

Switch is great. No need to copy it though as you won’t win at that.

SuperSonic91278d ago

PSP came first with a dock and tv out.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

Slow down Super Sonic you're not supposed to talk about facts on here lol

Babadook7277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Ok. As pointed out switch is in some ways the copy. I’m not going to argue that. But for the here and now there is a new king of mobile and it really puts home console class gaming in a portable form factor and is a hit. How should Sony respond? I say focus on your equally strong platform. (PS4 and eventually ps5) Keeping your studios focused on a single platform is strong. The success of switch stems from unifying the 1st party into one platform. Sony branching into yet another risky portable as a side project would be the opposite of this and an error imo.

AmstradAmiga277d ago

That capability only came after a revised edition of the PSP came out. Remember the initial way of playing your PSP on the TV....horrid!

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Aceman18278d ago

Yea NO I dont like playing all my games on the go, plus I love gaming on my 65 4k OLED lol

jagermaster619278d ago

I was so close to buying a 4k oled but then was thinking of q7f samsung.... Couldn't decide so I left lol. I have a 4k tv now but those are both so nice!

nitus10278d ago

Because the PS4 is a fairly small gaming console as is the XB1s, you can easily do "gaming when you get there". Sure the Switch allows you to "game on the go" but most people when traveling find that the Switch is still fairly large and a dedicated gaming portable (eg. 3DS, 2DS, Vita) or even a smartphone (many games are free) is much more convenient.

Still, it is up to the gamer to make the decision as to what console(s) or portable they prefer. Of course, we can't forget games which are the main reason for choosing a gaming device.

DwightSchrute01277d ago

Lol someones very uneducated about the switch.

277d ago
Sirk7x277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Personally don't like gaming on anything bigger than a 27" monitor. I don't even own a TV lol. TV sucks.

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DillyDilly278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

It's not a hard concept & where Sony failed is that it did not play Console Games that you could play on the Playstation home console its that simple & people were not interested in spin offs

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

Well that doesn't really make much sense and it's actually subjective you would have to consider games like God of War Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts Uncharted Killzone in many Concepts existed on Playstation Portables that existed the same way they did on home consoles.

Technically speaking if we just tell you that PlayStation 3 doesn't exist you would never really know that the sequels to those games existing only on PSP would have been better or worse in fact it would always be unbeknownst to you so when you're saying this where you actually comparing it to?

Because when you're saying games that you could play on their home consoles are you ignoring that the PSP could play PlayStation 1 games? Are you ignoring that the PlayStation Vita was playing Killzone Gravity Rush Metal Gear Solid?


Big_Game_Hunters278d ago

Doesn't mean they won't try. Like they do every single time.

dedicatedtogamers278d ago

I don't think they'll have a choice. Handheld gaming already reigns supreme in Japan and it appears (based on the rise of mobile gaming, as well as the high sales of Switch) that the West is following suit. Being untied from the TV may be the convenience that the market never knew it wanted.

SuperSonic91278d ago

The Switch is basically a PSP combined with Morphus 3000.
Nothing in it is innovative.

That article title reeks desperation.

Zeref278d ago

I don't think MS should go at handheld. I'd rather see them work with Nintendo, being able to stream Xbox Game Pass games to the Switch would be awesome.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

Absolutely agreed but the end of the day the majority of the hardcore install base does not even want this anyway

DwightSchrute01277d ago

The article isn't on about Nintendo handhelds. It's on about the switch hybrid.

princejb134277d ago

salty much?
switch is a excellent console. Power isn't everything, xbox scorpio is a perfect example of this. Is all about having fun games to me, good graphics or not. In my opinion the switch as good cartoony graphics. It may be a little short on the more relistic adult intense graphics but who cares. If i recall correctly i used to play my ds more than my psp. xbox1 was more powerful than ps2 but ps2 delivered all the fun games

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AspiringProGenji279d ago

I could already play PS4 games remotely on the Vita way before the switch was even codenamed “NX.” Sony doesn’t have to Copy NX. They just need to keep improving this tech. My dream is that they go back to Xperia Play brand again... As for MS don’t do handhelds, and they don’t need to get into that market either

Heelix278d ago

let's be honest

remote play was not optimal experience. Streaming games to the Vita is a dud.

Remote Play is not comparable to the Switch experience at all

AspiringProGenji278d ago

The feature on Vita is actually pretty legit. It may not be native like the switch, but it still does the job just fine. Optimal or not, it works.

278d ago
rainslacker278d ago

I've never had a problem with remote play on Vita except when I had a dodgy internet connection on the road a couple times. Any place with stable internet of modest speed could handle remote play just fine.

ILostMyMind278d ago

He doesn't have one.

Razmiran278d ago

I never could get remote play to work well either, but im pretty sure its due to internet in my country and not the vita itself

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

But playing games at less than half the resolution missing features and lower frame rate is?


one2thr278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Did fine for me, had minimal lag even though I was about 300 miles away from from my PS4.

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TyrellCorp278d ago

I’m hoping Sony continues to develop their VR technology, I feel like there’s been some stagnation in game design this gen, but VR is still in it’s infancy.

LandoCalrissiano278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

True, with the exception of laptops, ms has been in the mobile arena for a long time.

narsaku278d ago

Absolutely not. This is a regurgitated excuse I've only ever seen here. Vita's, "remote play", was hot garbage and not comparable at all to the switch.

It was almost exclusively limited to WIRED connection PS4 or incredible Wifi, had terrible lag in multi internet user households, you had to buy two consoles and had to setup your ps4 at home, stream to your device and was limited by range unless you wanted to buy into that laughable excuse for a, "cell phone", network.

Please, stop spreading this misinformation. Sony didn't do handheld gaming first, it's decades off, and the Switch is the first REAL console on the go.

Outside_ofthe_Box278d ago

I fully agree that the Switch is first real console on the go, but remote play isn't "hot garbage" at all. Maybe it was a one point, but not anymore.

What Sony should do is release a cheap streaming only device that comes with the PS5 out of the box. That way you don't have to buy additional hardware to do remote play. It obviously won't trump the Switch in regards to truly being able to play your game anywhere, but at least you don't sacrifice power either. You gotta give up something.

rainslacker278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Remote play isn't comparable to Switch, because it's a completely different thing. Obviously, a native device is going to be better than streaming as it's more reliable.

But, no, the PS4 didn't require a wired connection, or even incredible wifi. I didn't have my PS4, or PS3, wired for a long time, and have never had a problem with remote play. The only time I ever had a problem with it was in some public wifi places in hotels which had crappy wifi.

Obviously, remote play can't work everywhere, like anywhere without wifi for instance, but it works just fine.

Technically, the Turbo Express was the first "real" console on the go. It was the same as their home console, which was released without the thought of mobility. Played the same games as the Turbo Grafx 16. Same cards and everything. Nintendo's system is more a portable than it is a home least by current generational standards. Just because it docks, doesn't mean it's a home console, because the dock is just a way to connect it to the TV. It's great that it can be used that way, even primarily, but it's a hybrid, with a heavier emphasis on the portable side of things.

Servbot41278d ago

Remote play is garbage for anything outside of turn-taking RPGs.

FallenAngel1984278d ago

In addition to using Remote Play from a Vita you can also do it from Xperia, PC & Mac platforms.

Although you can also do Remote Play on iOS & Android devices, you gotta do it through third party paid apps instead of natively. It’d be great if Sony had an official app for that on those devices.

277d ago
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TekoIie279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Its probably better to stick to what you know to some degree. Sony does very well at making home consoles and MS while struggling has shown they're very much capable at making a solid system but lack consistency when it come to software.

I'd still welcome a competitor to the handheld market although I doubt one will show up. Hope Sony still has some ideas for a new PSP.

Christopher279d ago

No thanks. I think one Nintendo is good enough and Sony has already proven that Nintendo has that market on lock down.

Shiken277d ago

Yeah, lets keep options. For best experience, go PC.

For best dedicated Home console 3rd party games and sony IPs, go PS4.

For the flexibility of playing current gen caliber console games portably or on your TV, go with Switch.

If you know what color crayon tastes best, get an X1.

blawren4277d ago

sorry to be that guy, but PC isn't a console and doesn't always provide the best experience. My PC, for example is choppy as hell. and I don't like mouse/keyboard, except occasionally for shooters. I have a controller, but I hate playing on it. I hate being tied to my desk in my office. I'm not going to say what the best experience is, but PC isn't always better. Yes, the quality of my PC is my problem, but "PC" is not a gaming console and games won't play on them throughout their generation as with gaming consoles.

Shiken277d ago


I never said PC was a console. A capable gaming PC more often than not has an HDMI port that can go to your 4K TV, so that is hardly being tied to the office. Sync a controller and you are now playing 4K 60FPS on your TV with a controller. So yeah, do not see your point.

I was talking about all gaming options, and PC is one of them. A console is scaled back from PC but offers simplicity. Switch is scaled back from dedicated consoles but offers portability and tv play.

LMAO, I make a post talking about options and people only saw a positive about PC gaming. Sad really.

blawren4277d ago

I'm not discounting your options post just saying that best experience is highly subjective.

PhoenixUp279d ago

That wouldn’t make sense for them. Just because something works for Nintendo doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone

A hybrid is a nice alternative, but shouldn’t be the sole future of the industry.

rainslacker278d ago

I'm all for taking good ideas and doing what one can to make it their own. That's how innovation happens in the long term. But this notion that every successful idea has to be copied, sometimes immediately, is just dull and uninspired.

In this case, lets say Sony or MS decide to do this. That would just split their focus, as now they'd have more hardware to support. While that isn't a huge issue, the only way to make something like this is to make their own hybrid, which means it's not going to be their current gen console, which mean it kind of defeats the purpose. So, that leaves it for next gen. In which case, we'd be seeing less power from that console, and to me, we don't need two low powered consoles in the market, regardless of how well they may do with the software. Someone has to be at the forefront of technology in the console market. If they aren't, that would leave one, and that company would run away with all the support, which lessens the meaningful need for portables as you would have two competing portables splitting that market. Since the portable market is likely to get most of the same games outside first party....assuming they both sell's redundant, and seems like a waste of time for the gamer to have to argue over which portable is better.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

agreed. Their choice to go portable only made sense for their circumstance

DwightSchrute01277d ago

Except they didn't go portable Only. They went hybrid which has worked out even better.