Pocket Gamer: LEGO Batman: The videogame PSP Review

If you'll notice - there's a big fat '1' sitting up there in the number of players field. Anyone who's ever played a Lego game before will realise the full awful consequence of this information and what it's going to mean for this latest portable outing. If you've not played one before, and don't know the catch, then this review is going to be a bit like watching Titanic on the assumption it has a happy ending.

But first the good news: Lego games are, generally speaking, the best things in the universe. A game of a toy of a film may sound like a one way express elevator to marketing hell but somehow, against the odds (including the fact that usually developer Traveller's Tales aren't that good) they're exactly the opposite. The Star Wars and Indiana Jones games show such an endearingly obvious love for both the movies and Lego itself that it's almost impossible not to enjoy them.

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