The American Dream for PSVR Will Get a Physical Release on April 6th, Launch Trailer Released

Pure PlayStation: Perp Games, the publisher behind the upcoming PSVR shooter The American Dream, has today announced that it will be bringing The American Dream to retail stores shortly after its initial release on the PlayStation Network.

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G20WLY276d ago

Physical releases ftw!

solderman276d ago

Physical releases are important for a physical peripheral. Especially if you want to continue using it in years to come when the digital service is no longer supported. Or alternatively if you wish to sell it at a later date.

Profchaos276d ago

Is this game based purely off that Simpsons episode where Homer gets a gun?

Also a physical release seems a bit far fetched for a shooting gallery type game which should cost about $7 on psn

philm87276d ago

Seems to be a satirical take on the US' policy towards gun ownership. Think it's supposed to be a bit more than a typical shooting gallery game, but I think that's basically what it is. Such a range of quality in these types of games, if it's up there with Rush of Blood then I wouldn't mind paying £20.