Hallelujah, Nintendo's Changed its Mind on Third-Party Content

Twinfinite Writes: Nintendo's latest direct was a bit different from past ones, as it had more of an emphasis on third-party games, demonstrating the company's shifting focus on how they want to suppport the Switch.

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FallenAngel1984278d ago

It’s not like Nintendo has a say on how third party publishers treat their consoles

Third party publishers are the ones who decide to support the platform

_-EDMIX-_277d ago (Edited 277d ago )


locomorales278d ago

Nintendo didn't change. Thirdy party publishers are more supportive with those ports than they were with Wii U.

tontontam0278d ago

Hallelujah, Third Party Devs Changed its Mind on Nintendo Console. - Fixed

Lilrizky277d ago

I think it's more third party publishers changimg their mind about Nintendo.

The Wii-U had mass effect, assassins creed, deus ex, batman arkham, cod, watchdogs and more. Both sides tried but ultimately third parrties follow the money which tends to be the better selling consoles. The switch is selling really well and because the switch's control setup and one-screen solution is similar to playing on a ps4 and a xbox (for example the controller buttons, clickable sticks, ergonomic design etc) the third party games that run on those consoles and PC can easily and im assuming cheaply be ported to the switch. So naturally, the third parties are going to run to Nintendo, but I'm not complaining.

Cole-Cocking276d ago

Legitimately did not know Watchdogs had been released on Wii U until you brought it up. Something about that concept feels wrong, somehow.