Long-Term Sea of Thieves Success Relies Heavily on Industry Trend that’s Not Soon Fading

Sea of Thieves success is something critical to Microsoft gaming year. The game is unique and its strong multiplayer focus promotes social activities. This game is a big signal for Microsoft future plans with Rare LTD. The former industry giant had worked on small, less-than-popular titles for the majority of their existence with Microsoft. Now, Sea of Thieves is finally releasing and creativity is what generates at its very core.

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DirtyPete279d ago

I could see PS4 fan watching Sea of Thieves streams and getting jealous to some degree. Will it be a big point, probably so, but Xbox still has a lot to prove to a lot of people. Whats to come in new announcements should weigh heavier than stall releases due to long waits like Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3

AspiringProGenji279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Maan I’ll be so jealous playing Monster Hunter and SotC, then God of War shortly after followed by MLB and Detroit

chrisx279d ago

"I could see PS4 fan watching Sea of Thieves streams and getting jealous to some degree".....please pass me some of that ish you smoking

Kribwalker279d ago

well there’s some that started a petition up to try to get it to PS4, so he’s not making anything up

Aceman18277d ago

I'm definitely not jealous, I've never had any interest in this game whatsoever. I need something else from M$ to give men that WOW factor to repurchase an X1

DigitalRaptor277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Not sure how that many people could be jealous of a stagnant gameplay loop.

The game looks boring in streams I've watched. Some people said the same about No Man's Sky so I could be wrong. I guess it depends what you're wanting to get out of this game. It looks like a choose your own adventure kind of game, but not in the vein of Minecraft where everything is infinite, and I don't think the emergent gameplay opportunities are going to be all that strong. I think they need to add a heck of a lot more to this game for it to catch on past the first couple of months. Regular updates will be essential, and I think they've got that figured out, since it's pretty much releasing in Beta and they'll get continual feedback.

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PhoenixUp279d ago

That reminds me of how aside from Kinect Sports, Rare hasn’t had a huge hit on an Xbox platform ever since Microsoft bought them.

They have a lot riding on Sea of Thieves, even though I personally can’t condone it as the GaaS title that it is.

Kribwalker279d ago

grabbed by the ghoulies, conkers bad fur day both did well on the OG Xbox, Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo both did really well as launch titles, and Viva Piñata 1 & 2 we’re both hits

PhoenixUp279d ago

No they didn’t.

Except for Kinect Sports, all of those other Rare games seriously underperformed commercially on Xbox platforms, especially when you compare it to the regular sales success of the titles they produced when they worked with Nintendo.

Viva Piñata sold moderately well above all the other they titles they produced under Microsoft, but it wasn’t a necessarily huge hit. Not even Rare Replay, which comprised of the best titles from the developer’s history, seriously underperformed as well.

KickSpinFilter277d ago

Looks cool...but I sure as hell don't have time to play it.
Got waaayyyyy to many games coming on PS4, to the point I don't know what I'm gonna do.