OXM UK: Prince of Persia Preview

Not many games open with you looking for your donkey. There are the Shrek games, maybe, and beyond that... who knows?

Then again, there aren't many games that are trying to combine the old and the new like Prince of Persia. New hand-drawn style graphics meets familiar gameplay. The Prince's cocksure confidence meets a lightness of touch from Ubisoft's developers. Rock-solid controls meets haphazard levels. Prince of Persia is a potent cocktail made up of ingredients few games have. Including, yes, a search for a donkey.

The story sees you looking for this donkey when you bump into a beautiful young woman who is being chased by guards. You get caught up and find yourself fighting the guards. During a brief pause you find out the woman's name is Elika and with more guards in hot pursuit, you both run towards the nearby temple. That's where events that set the game in motion unfold but saying more would spoil it.

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