Nvidia gets anti-competitive with unsavory GeForce Partner Program

Late last week an interesting story emerged surrounding Nvidia and the GeForce Partner Program (GPP). The GPP was quietly established by Nvidia as a means of working closer with OEMs and add-in board (AIB) partners on new products, product launches,…

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TheShreddertron274d ago

Looks like a shoddy move by Nvidia.

Maxor273d ago

You know whats anti-competitive? The absurd prices of GPU these days. I give zero F about this "news". The only news that matters is availability and MSRP pricing. Nothing else. Crap like this has zero meaning when EVGA is selling a 1070 GTX for $800.

Jinger273d ago

Exactly, and this is why, unfortunately, I'm still rocking a GTX960. I really need to upgrade, but $400+ for a 6gb 1060 is just too much.

2pacalypsenow273d ago

That's not Nvidias fault.

Blame the miners for raising demand. Nvidia cant force Newegg to lower their prices.

Cobra951273d ago

Nvidia can puke on silicon wafers, and make money right now, thanks to the crypto-gold rush. That allows them to get more uppity than usual, with everybody, including partners. That's shortsighted, though. After booms come the inevitable busts. Someone will eventually realize that all these alt currencies springing up like weeds can't possibly go up in real value as much as they have been on paper. If the stable gaming market has been decimated by then, both Nvidia and AMD will be hurting.

The long view is to satisfy both markets, by differentiating product. Good gaming cards can be designed in a way that will not be economical for mining, while other cards can be designed specifically for mining. They have enough engineering to make this happen. Question is, will they?

SunnyZ273d ago

You mean like when ATI partnered with AMD?

Princess_Pilfer273d ago

Yeah, uh, I don't know if you know this, but Nvidia has a long history of anti-competitive nonsense. Gameworks primary purpose is to fuck up performance on AMD cards (worthy of note: that time Fallout 4 disabled it in an update and suddenly AMD cards performed just as well as their Nvidia equivilants) and once AMD figured out how to *mostly* mitigate that at driver level, Nvidia switched to hairworks which *also* cripples AMD performance for no actual visual benefit and forced AMD to implement driver level tessilation overrides to prevent that.

And it's bad for *everybody* when shit like that happens. AMD has to waste time an effort trying to deal with sabotage rather than on designing better products, Nvidia wastes time and money sabotaging AMD instead of making better products, and Nvidia gets to charge a metric asston for all their stuff while knowing people don't really have much of a choice but to buy it because of said AMD sabotage.

(Intel does the same shit, but with cpus)