4 Facts You Might Not Know About Xbox One X

The Xbox One X felt like a breath of fresh air for the Xbox brand. The story and philsophy behind the One X is a fasinating tale and here are some facts even hardcore gamers might not know.

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Godmars290280d ago

"Four pointless things you don't need to know about the XBX, but here they are anyway because we need traffic."

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4logpc280d ago

Sory you didn't find it interesting.

Godmars290280d ago

Not a PS4 fan. Not really a PS3, the more graphics became more important than content or game quality. The failures of Lair, White Knight Chronicles and especially Eight Days to Vegas.

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Don't know what down-voters read, but it seems really futile.

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The Xbox One was originally designed to be upgradeable, and the 1X was an idea in 2012 that evolved into a separate console instead of an add-on.

4logpc280d ago

I believe at one point there was an idea to do some sort of "add on" for the 360 as well, but Microsoft went for the Kinect instead.

Pickledpepper280d ago

I have a 32x and still play it lol.

4logpc280d ago

32 X is such an odd device but I wanted one. I just wish it didn't look so.....ugly

TheCommentator280d ago

Kind of, Eonjay. The 32X was different in that it didn't enhance an existing library and only played exclusive 32X games.

4logpc280d ago

I think Eonjay was referring to the 360 rumored "booster." Not the one X

Godmars290280d ago

"Think Sega's 32x"

And that worked out so well...

At least you can see where the "future proofing" mentality came from.

4logpc280d ago

Which is why Microsoft probably didn't go with that model.

TheCommentator280d ago

@ Godmars

Future-proofing did work out well when it was implemented properly, like when PS2 launched. MS doing away with console generations is just an evolution of the same concept. The way MS designed the 1X ensures 100% compatibility going forwards (hence the term Forwards Compatibility), yet it won't require the original hardware like PS2 and PS3 started out with inside and it won't require an emulator either. It just works because it was designed that way.

Necr0philiac280d ago

The 32x would of sold at least as much as the Sega cd and would of had alot more games made for it, if it was released sooner. The Sega Saturn came out in Japan at about the same time the 32x was released in the USA.
@ TheCommentator
The Genesis games do look and preform slightly better on the 32x.

Godmars290280d ago

The PS2 - given how it was there throughout the console's production - was the best example of BC whereas there are no examples of FP (yet). That the term existed before the XBX should raise a skeptical red flag, rather than from the company that brought us Kinect be taken as granted.

TheCommentator280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

@ Godmars

"there are no examples of FP (yet). "

I assume you meant FC? There is an example already, this is from 2008:

"Where backward-compatibility is a console’s ability to play titles from a previous generation of hardware (e.g. original Xbox games played on the Xbox 360, either through hardware or software emulation), forward-compatibility would be gameplay, graphics, control and other features of a title “unlocked” by virtue of the next-gen console’s improved abilities."

Then there's this Quote from Phil in 2016:

"You’ll actually see us come out with new hardware capability during a generation and allowing the same games to run backward and forward compatible because we have the Universal Windows Application running on top of the Universal Windows Platform that allows us to focus more on hardware innovation without invalidating the games that run on that platform."

So there you go. MS considers 360 games and XB1 games to be FC, and is designing their future consoles like the 1X to support FC automatically with UWA/UWP.

Godmars290280d ago

That's doublespeak BS. The XB1's ability to play 360 games is *BACKWARDS* Compatibility and barely that. Given legal hurtles that have to be jumped with IP holders wanting to get paid for used/old games. Old games that then have to be patched and updated in order to look better and as a consequence not be as old.

I'm likely applying my own opinion and idea of common sense against "New Math", this wonderful age of gaming that requires day-one patching for day-one bought titles, but the only legitimate examples of FC will be the Next Xbox being able to play any and all XB1 games without restriction. Up-scaled from 4k to 16k the moment a game's installed or no.

TheCommentator280d ago

@ Godmars

Why are you so naïve all the time? You know that if you, "...apply your own version of common sense..." that it isn't common sense anymore? Personally I would call that living in a fantasy, but I suppose you are still entitled to choose where you want to live.

Godmars290280d ago

"You know that if you, "...apply your own version of common sense..." that it isn't common sense anymore?"

I'm applying what use to be "common sense". Thinking for myself while considering others while also trying to arrive at a median conclusion. As apposed to parroting the group or corporate buzz words.

Nevermind you ignored the main point of contention: namely that MS hasn't offered a solid example of "Forward Compatibility". Its nothing but a buzz word that's going to be come as worthless as floppy discs and magnetic tape.

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GamesMaster1982280d ago

The one thing i like about the Xbox One X over the Pro is how silent it is and that is basically my only thing i may talk crap about Xbox as a brand but they damn well have picked the better quality hardware for the system over the Playstation that's for sure.

Dudebro90280d ago

all dat copper on the heatsink doing its job lol. I enjoy the box quite a bit so far. Feels very premium!

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1nsomniac280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Have to agree. My PS4Pro becomes the loudest console I’ve ever owned by a massive stretch if I play Battlefront 2 in particular.

It’s crazy loud. I used to say my OG PS3 sounded like a jet engine but it’s nothing compared to my Pro.

4logpc280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

My pro is quite but the pitch of the fan, might even be coil whine, is what I hear. Luckily I usually game with sound loud.


It is, I played Skyrim last night on my Pro and it sounded like it was about to take off lol


"My pro is quite but the pitch of the fan"

Umm I'm pretty sure THAT'S what ppl are talking about. What else is going to make noise?

KickSpinFilter280d ago

Really mine is so silent except when in menu for BluRay or some games but once movie or game starts it goes silent.

4logpc280d ago


Different fans have different levels of pitch. Fan noise can differ vastly from fan to fan. Some fans tend to emit a very high almost whistle while others sound more like the wind.



Bottom line, it's loud..

snoopgg280d ago

I play my 360 once in awhile. It sounds like a coffee grinder. It is the loudest console I own.

Grown Folks Talk280d ago

My Pro is silent. The original PS4 I had got loud during certain games, but as of yet, nothing from the Pro. Xbox One S & X are both very quiet.

PrinceVegeta279d ago

This has turned into a fan war.

1nsomniac279d ago

^ I like what you did there. This convo is starting to get a little heated.

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