Uh-Oh, Omega Labyrinth Z Refused UK Classification, Confirmed By PQube

"You read that right, Omega Labyrinth Z has been banned in the UK -- or at least, has been refused classification from PEGI, the UK's age rating body for video games. With the type of content in the game, it's not surprising it's already been refused German classification with USK."

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bunt-custardly279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

No surprises there. But Murder Death Kill is absolutely fine for corrupting young impressionable minds. I think VSC need to rethink their stance here because in this day and age of Me-too, snowflakes etc. it would be just as fantastical for anyone to think the behavior in this game can be mimicked in real life without dire consequence. Much like the distinction is easily made with shooting guns in game and then in real life.


A shame. Time for an import then.

Lamboomington278d ago

"But Murder Death Kill is absolutely fine for corrupting young impressionable minds"

That argument doesn't work at all. Violence and sex are completely different and are censored for completely different reasons. I keep seeing everyone use this argument, but it's a completely fallacy.

Chaos_Order278d ago

At the same time, in the UK it's completely legal for a 16 year old to have sex, and yet a game with sexual content is deemed unsuitable for 18+. (The highest PEGI rating) Kind of odd when you think of it that way.

Mr-Dude279d ago

So glad I live in a country that doesn't censor my videogames

ErogeMaster278d ago

But we do have and adult rating meaning most games that border line that rating is gonna be censored.

chris235278d ago

damn. if we just knew this back when ghengis khan reigned in blood or when hitler went wild. if we banned videogames back then they wouldn‘t have done all these atrocities. in no way is violence part of the species. no, humans just need to take a look at a violent comic or video or game and *switch* they go ballistic. *facepalm*

FlyingFoxy278d ago

This is rather funny, at least when we have anime with underage chracters in sexual situations classified at 15/18, and the odd few at 12 ratings with some fan service.

Makes you think.. There's at least a couple of highly sexualised games classified at 16 by PEGI too.