Resistance 2: new gameplay video

"Here is a new video of Resistance 2 for the PlayStation 3 which was playable at the Tokyo Game Show on the Sony Computer Entertainment booth."

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shine13963630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Jeez....that looks....phenomenal now.

again, that does look sweet....

That is such a dramatic improvement....

ThanatosDMC3630d ago

The only thing that bother me is that the player was so still... guess, im to stunned by Killzone 2's awesomeness...

Gonna get this game!!

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theKiller3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

bots, thats another slap in ur faces, LBP and R2 will finish u off this holiday, then before u even take another breath we will slap u again with killzoone 2 and the cycles will continue until u give up gaming or jump from the sinking ship to ps3!!

Bots dont even mention that this game have bad graphics because it a cam video and looks like its SDTV

Tarasque3630d ago

Boy you never give it a rest do you. Just 1 more bubble to get from ya.....

Pain3630d ago

dont worry he will do what the Xbots do and thats make another Account.

me? i wont i just finally got the seat the way i wanted it.

marionz3629d ago

grow up bro, jump ship lol, sorry but just because i might like the look of one or two games on ps3 isnt going to make me jump ship yet, the simple fact is 360 is more affordable, and the games are more to my likeing, i mean if you gave me the choice of LBP or fable 2 i would pick fable any day, more mature and fully 3D.

i liked the first resistance, but it also makes me laugh how many pay station fans give halo hell when the first resistance was a carbon copy gameplay wise, and 360 has both halo and gears so im not missing much at this point, and if i want an addictive collecting game theres always VP TIP, yes that game rocks.

so no 360 isnt dead, it just offers different exclusives, but pay station fans are blind, just because too human was a flop (we all knew it would be) you automatically say every 360 game is or will be a flop, insecurity and jealousy are verry ugly emotions, stupid fony fans get one or two AAA games and they act like all other consoles are defeated, what a joke.

ThatCanadianGuy3630d ago

Can't wait for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

Im more psyched about the 8 player co op then anything,the amazing single player,and hardcore 30vs30 online is just an awesome bonus!

Montrealien3630d ago

didoh, getting it soon I`m sure :D

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