Bloodborne Play Online VS Offline – The Pros and the Cons

From PlayStation Universe: "So, you’re a PS Plus member and just downloaded Bloodborne to play for the first time? Or maybe you just want to find out what the advantages and disadvantage of playing Bloodborne online vs offline?"

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Vanfernal249d ago

Apart from being invaded when you ring a Beckoning Bell (or when you're in the nightmares) there's no downside to playing offline. And you can kill the Bell-ringing woman to stop invasions altogether.

Zeke68249d ago

I platinum'ed entire game playing offline only and that was harder than necessary I guess, but the feeling when I killed all the bosses on my own, that is priceless. :)
Now give me Bloodborne 2 ! ;D

The_Jackel249d ago

i was online but did whole game and all the bosses myself, purely was online just to drop notes and rate notes in hope that if someone was nearly dead it may have saved their life by giving them health, unless the note was BS and put in a spot deliberately to make player to do the note and die haha