Low-Poly Old School Horror Game Paratopic Out Now

Paratopic, a free indie horror game with old school 3D graphics, is releasing this Monday. The game's developers point to Twin Peaks as an inspiration and the game's story follows three different characters.

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JKSimmons252d ago

Jesus. They weren't lying about low resolution. Ha ha.

AnotherProGamer250d ago

i dont know why but i find low polygon games like resident evil 1 to be scarier than new games with realistic graphics

something about low polygon makes it look surreal and less details makes you fill in the rest of the details

Emme250d ago

Absolutely, I agree. System Shock 2 still makes me wet my pants, maybe even more than Dead Space.

fluxmulder250d ago

I just got flashbacks of the first Alone in the Dark.

camel_toad250d ago

"Genius idea guys! We put in minimal effort, end up with an intentionally super ugly game and everyone will praise us like we're pushing boundaries!"

Emme250d ago

Its not "minimal effort".

camel_toad250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

Maybe not minimal, but much less effort.

Ask a developer if it's cheaper and if there is less work involved when making retro games. Compare this game to something like Ghost of a Tale, done by one person and tell me which one required the most effort, time and dedication to make.

Emme250d ago

I have been waiting for something like this to come along. I love the eeriness. Was totally hooked to SH1 on the PS3 (!).And by now, this is retro, too. Nothing wrobg with polygons instead of pixels. Still better than Turok 1 and 2 rerelease :)