Someone has recreated a scene from The Division in Unreal Engine 4 and it looks bloody great

Environment Artist, Maarten van der Ham, has shared some screenshots from his latest Unreal Engine 4 project that is based on Ubisoft’s open-world title, The Division. Maarten van der Ham came really close to what Ubisoft’s artists have achieved in the Snowdrop Engine, something that speaks volumes about the work of an individual in Unreal Engine 4.

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LiamKreptic217d ago

Why don’t developers just use this? Also why do people recreate scenes? I’ve never understood the purpose

Timesplitter14217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

>Why don’t developers just use this?
Because this wouldn't run nearly as well as the original on all supported hardware. Most of these UE4 demos would only run decently on high-end PCs

>Also why do people recreate scenes?
I guess it's just a hobby. Personally I'd prefer creating something completely original but to each their own

LiamKreptic217d ago

Makes sense. I guess it's a nice engine and all, but at the end of the day it wouldn't be handled well on consoles and such. Also I can see how this is a hobby...I thought it was a means to like get people on board with the engine.

SenorFartCushion217d ago

Why are there so many adaptations instead of original films being made? Geeks just lile unoriginality.

Sad innit?

Dirtnapstor217d ago

They look fantastic at times but that’s all it really is...a looksee. Screenshots. Nothing running in game.

Gahl1k217d ago

Unreal Engine 4 is not quite good at handling Multiplayer games—it takes much to give less. PUBG is the solid proof of that.

Timesplitter14217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

On the other hand, there's Unreal Tournament, Fortnite, etc.....

Networking isn't really the engine's responsibility. It's up to every individual game to decide how they do it, and they can use any external or custom tech they want.

However, UE4 does come with an optional built-in beginner-friendly networking solution aimed at indies for getting started quickly. This is what PUBG uses, and it shows

Vegamyster217d ago

Fortnite uses the same engine & has 100 players too, it runs significantly better. PUBG's problem is the lack of optimization/refinement, it's still not ideal but it has improved quite a bit since launch.

Gahl1k216d ago

Comparing an in-house game made by the same company that created the engine to PUBG is a really smart argument. e.e

Hungryalpaca216d ago

And yet numerous other multiplayer games run fine on UE4. Sounds like you completely ignorant on the subject.

Gahl1k215d ago

Name a few that runs fine on UE4, and not in-house titles, please.

Bismarn217d ago

"Someone has created [insert random video game scene] in Unreal Engine and the results [don't matter because it's just a tech demo by some bored guy and not an actual game that you will ever get to play]."

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JeffGUNZ216d ago

This. I think the Division is a beautiful game visually. Really am looking forward for The Division 2. Also, can't wait for the Xbox One X enhancement update for the Division.

wenaldy217d ago

And none of these shots were located outdoors. Lame.