Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.14 Live. Patch Notes Detailed

From PlayStation Universe: "The latest patch for Gran Turismo Sport is here, and it's a small one. Check out Gran Turismo Sport update 1.14 details here."

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searcam01279d ago

Still no time trial in VR? Look like I'm just gonna have to wait even longer.

Xenophon_York279d ago

Definitely need a mode aside from 'Just Driving' mode for VR on Gran Turismo.

Dragonscale278d ago

Yeah its pretty cool on psvr but a bit limited at the minute.

jerethdagryphon279d ago

Still cant win races get shunted around anf lose :( 100 rCes 1 win

Jamaicangmr278d ago

Are you qualifying before you enter a race? If i don't qualify atleast 2 to 3 secs off of the person ranked 10th in the world i don't even bother. Everyone else below that are usually a-holes and will just dive bomb or ram you. I've gone 325 races and 40 wins. So the key i would say is to qualify in the atleast 5th and us an outside line for the first corner. Let all the weirdo's go wreak out and thin the herd

jerethdagryphon277d ago

Im no where near that good to do top 10 ish times have to use ds4 and auto transmission as well

Jamaicangmr275d ago

Well keep at it the good thing with GT is ur skills grow. Up until a month ago I was using a Ds4 as well so I know u can do it.

Xenophon_York279d ago

Time to fire this game back up and take a few dream cars for a spin. Fingers crossed we get an '86 or '94 Fairlady Z next time—or even a 350Z would be nice.

Still, not going to bite any hands with the nearly dozen FREE vehicles given to gamers every month. And, all without any kind of season pass—which Polyphony could had easily implemented.