Capcom Tease A New Weapon Coming To Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: A total of 15 kinds of metal made collection charms with 14 kinds of weapons type appeared in "Monhan World" plus one secret! Processing which the point color becomes transparent like stained glass and lamination processing are given to the color part, it is very beautiful.

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BlackDoomAx282d ago

A new weapon is nice, but we need more monsters.

naruga281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

i agree ..more monsters here yes ....Bring Nargcuga (;P ;P) Kut KU and Qurupecu ...also bring back underwater hunting ..i m thrilled to see in this new engine underwater environments and offcourse Lagia....ihope they just dont bring back idiotic monsters like Zinogre and brachyidios

MeteorPanda282d ago

where are my glamours? I want to look awesome and not some piece of shit mix and match vanilla wow set.

They knew we wanted this - even gave the samurai set for deluxe. I've actually lost interest in this game despite being an avid hunter putting 1k + hours into every series..

The issue is the multiplayer- no good team stays. very, very f'ing hard to type (start, middle button, triangle..wait a few seconds cause lag and theres your keyboard.) that it's just very short lived. I miss having a friends list of strangers who became regular people l played with. Oh and there is no incentive to join a online session cause literally everyone goes off and does their own thing anyway.

InTheZoneAC282d ago

Hold touchpad next time, not that difficult

UnHoly_One281d ago

doesn't anyone use voice chat?

chris235282d ago

dlc will come, but please... spellcheck your headlines.

TheGamez100282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Really hope they address the major problems in the stream, make changes to the multiplayer especially hq. Its utterly boring and lonely being in town with none of your friends online. Either make us see eachother in town or give us the option to going back to gathering hall as the default and add all the facilities there, and make notifications better for us to be notified of posted quests and joining them instantly with that notification. People do their own things too much. Also give us the ability to have multiple leaders in squads so that they can inv their friends to the group. Give us a retry option for the mission we just completed (just a little something that would be nice) And pretty sure there are much more..... Amazing game but not sure how they screwed these up. Cant wait for the new monsters and a possible new weapon? Sure thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.