Bluepoint's next game is another remake

Bluepoint Games has confirmed that its next project in the wake of the stunning Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 4 is a new remake. Digital Foundry had the opportunity to talk with the team about the technology powering its latest release, and asked whether the expanded art team brought on for the project would be deployed next on an original game.

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DarkVoyager279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Sony should purchase Bluepoint. These guys are very talented. Shadow of the Colossus remake was amazing.

Araragifeels 279d ago

PlayStation should invest in buying or creating more studio since they mentioned that they going to completely focus on First Party Games. PlayStation should buy Bluepoint, and Quantic Dream.

Mr Pumblechook278d ago

If the next game is not for Sony then perhaps Metal Gear Solid?

SuperSonic91278d ago

There are tons of great PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 games that need remakes and remasters. They super passionate and detail oriented bunch. Very careful also.

ABizzel1277d ago

Legend of Dragoon Remake
Warhawk (PS3) Remake
Okami (would have been great with next-gen graphics, if it wasn’t remade so many times)
There could be a lot more, but those top 2 would be the best IMO.

-Foxtrot278d ago

Yeah it would be nice to have a studio to remake old games

Let’s say you plan to bring out a new Legend of Dragoon game, you could get these guys to make a remake of the original then a year later the sequel comes out.

You gain interest by making the old games relevant by a remake

Croc, Gex, Tomba, Dark Cloud, Pandemonium, Syphon Filter even games like Bugs Bunny Lost in Time

-Gespenst-278d ago

I'd love if they remade Tomba for the reason you mentioned, i.e. it could create interest for a new Tomba game. One of my faves of all time. I wonder how good a remake would be though. I'd be kind of peeved if they ditched the sprites for 3D models.

ColonelHugh277d ago

Tomba would be so cathartic for me

SuperSonic91277d ago

Tomba is Jim Sterling's favorite game of all time. Now I am interested. Thanks for mentioning it, Fox I will get it on PS3.

Christopher278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

No. Bluepoint would lose tremendous market value if they only remade a single console's games.

And who didn't think their next game would be a remake? That's what they excel at.

Elimin8277d ago

"Shadow of the Colossus remake was amazing."
IS! I think you meant, Shadow of the Colossus remake IS amazing.

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DarkOcelet279d ago

I really hope their next remake is ICO.

Araragifeels 279d ago

I am hoping is Jak & Daxter or Sly Cooper.

nitus10278d ago

There is already a Jak & Dexter collection (four games) available for the PS4.

Grimwood278d ago

WHO THE F GIVES A SHIT ABOUT A GAME like Jak & daxter. Ico, and nothing else. Then we got the two masterpieces of that time, and we can concentrate on masterpieces today.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

Agreed I'm really hoping that's the path they go down

SuperSonic91278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

I pray that it will be ICO so that my Team Ico games collection will be conplete on PS4.

Also the said game is "art focused and art heavy" and only Ico rings that bell for me.

SuperSonic91278d ago

Same here coz Ico is the sequel to SOTC story wise

The_Sage278d ago

I'm not so sure about that.


It could be that the first boy born with horns was the rebirth of wanderer, but in Ico they were talking about kids born in the village with horns were taken to the abandoned castle because they were caused. My own fan fiction says that the wanderer born in the forbidden lands with horns went to the village, and lived out his life. After generations the village was in turmoil and they pointed to his arrival as to where things went bad. After that they deemed children born with horns cursed.

BlaqMagiq1278d ago

Ico is a prequel to SOTC.

SuperSonic91278d ago

The story of Ico happened hundreds of years after Wander's story.

SuperSonic91278d ago

I thought you wtote "Wander"

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

But it would be absolutely crazy

porkChop278d ago

I cannot understand why Sony hasn't either remade LOD or rebooted it. It just doesn't make sense. They have a JRPG-style IP just sitting there, waiting to be used.

_-EDMIX-_278d ago

I know right maybe it's because only a lot of us older Gamers remember that game.

But the way I see it is if PaRappa the Rapper can get a remaster and we're getting one of medieval there's still hope.

I mean we're getting Final Fantasy 7 in Resident Evil 2 remade for god sakes so the fact that something like that or shenmue 3 exist gives me hope lol

1-pwnsause-1278d ago

I was gonna say the same thing, LoD was amazing...

BlahBlahWhatever278d ago

If indeed LoD is their next project it would be SUPER-AMAZING! & it would make me a very happy man ^__^

G3ng4r277d ago

It really wasn't that great but enough people think they want it that it may as well become a thing and do poorly again. Shame that ffvii remake is now in development hell.

thorstein276d ago

SUPER AMAZING is two words. Two. Why would you hyphenate it? And no period at the end of your sentence? WTF?

G3ng4r278d ago

Nostalgia goggles. Game was considered mediocre even back then. I played legend of dragoon before ffvii or ix so I though it was pretty decent at first, loved moments like finishing the green mantis dragon. The first time through ffvii though made me see how bland, boring and devoid of any charm the story and all characters were. Battle system was also pretty bad, matching up the ball or whatever within lines on the screen every time you wanted to attack. There are much better jrpg's to hope for.

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ILostMyMind278d ago

Only if there is no plan for Bloodborne 2.

dp277407278d ago

I'll agree 100% with that lol.