What's in the Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack? A few incentives to return to Eos

"It's pretty clear that the latest entry in the mainline Final Fantasy series isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm not entirely sure whether that's necessarily a good thing but here's some new content that fans may enjoy." - A.J. (the gentleman that wrote the article)

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FallenAngel1984193d ago

Sucks how the season pass($25) is a separate purchase from the Royal Pack($15).

That’s essentially $15 cheaper than just buying the Royal Edition.

VideoChums193d ago

Yeah, that sucks. I think it's only $10 cheaper, too.

FallenAngel1984193d ago

No it’s exactly $15 cheaper buying them separately than buying the $50 Royal Edition

VideoChums193d ago

25 + 15 = 40
50 - 40 = 10

...or am I missing something? :S

FallenAngel1984193d ago

Lmao for some reason I was adding 20 + 15 in my head instead of 25 + 15’😅

Yeah the $10 price difference is egregious for early adopters

fiveby9192d ago

I own just the base game. I'll wait till a sale sometime in the future before I play the new content. I don't want to be in for $60 (base game) + $40 (season pass + Royal Ed). Kinda sux they priced it that way. Waiting on a sale....

CP_Company192d ago

this game's disc holds all things inside included or you just get base game + season pass?

Sgt_Slaughter192d ago

The Royal pack is a code, not on the disc

KillZallthebeast192d ago

Eww they pulled a bethesda/fallout 4 goty?

FallenAngel1984192d ago

The Royal Edition includes everything

ImportGamer3004192d ago

Yeah except the 2nd season pass which isn't everything in its entirety. This is why i'm not gonna double dip. Instead i'd rather buy the DLC to NieR:Automata and if there was a 2nd DLC to that game i'd buy it because the game is better than FFXV in every way.

FallenAngel1984192d ago

There’s not any news that there will be a second season pass

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Elda192d ago

I'm on the side of the fence paying $15 for the Royal pack with already spent 89 dollars on the game already. I'm on a & 7 day vac from work & by some time tonight I may say F it & get it.

ImportGamer3004192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

There's no point in Square Enix releasing the Royal Edition to FFXV when there's still a 2nd season pass of content. So basically FFXV Royal Edition is a waste of money when they're still making more content for an early access title.

My suggestion people is just get "NieR:Automata" instead.

Sgt_Slaughter192d ago

Plus, it's useless for trading purposes or reselling. The extra content is code based.

VideoChums192d ago

Yes, Nier is a far superior game! :D

dragonrage00192d ago

Ugh, can they get over this game already? We were sold a full price beta, and 1 year later, they are still trying to squeeze money out of the hype. I bought the prompto DLC, just to see if they made any sense out of his big plot twist and... nope, they didn't. In the end, it was a mediocre game, with dull side quests, unfinished story, and awful camera. I wonder if they will eventually patch fixes to those. "FFXV DLC 26: story"

ShadowWolf712192d ago

Ahh, FFXV.

I remember when I told people this was gonna happen, dared criticize the game for carving out content to resell and then double dipping on Season Passes. I got called a fake fan by most of my peers.

Good times.