Kojima Might Announce New Game At Next Year's TGS

Yet another Japanese game developer getting all down on the Japanese game industry. This time it's Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima bringing the negativity. In a talk at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Kojima said: "If you honestly compare Japanese games with Western ones, Japan has lost."

Not one to sit out and let the game industry pass him by, Kojima added: "Until the end of this year, I have my hands full with Metal Gear Online, but at next year's show, I think it's okay that I should be able to announce something."

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TOO PAWNED3713d ago

Next year? ok, we will just have to wait 12 more months, end of 2009.

sinncross3713d ago

damn.... this cud be a while... i was really hoping for something a little earlier.

Maybe he'll change his mind for E3 instead !

Overr8ed3713d ago

Japan has lost =(
Both East and West just have to do one thing and that is... MAKE FRICKING GOOD GAMES.
I am going to be cynical about this and doubt. but I am looking forward to what he has planned.

cellfluid3713d ago

This is one of the last game developers who actually takes pride in prefectin his craft...

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