Dead Rising Wii: new gameplay footage

"Here is a new video of Dead Rising for the Wii which was playable at the Tokyo Game Show on the Capcom booth."

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Darkseider3713d ago

if the guy playing the game in the video had A clue as to what he was doing. The control scheme looked pretty straight forward. Move with the Wiichuck, melee is a basic attack that only requires you facing the target and being close enough. Gun is button+wiimote to aim+fire. Sadly the guy in the video looks as if he has never touched a video game in his life, let alone a Wii. Why do companies don this? If you were to show some gameplay footage at least make sure the guy playing it is somewhat adept to make it look good.

M_Prime3713d ago

yeah he sucked.. it looked okay but needed more zombies.. maybe its was a early level and they didn't put that many in to let you start easy.. those dogs are presistant though

Zerodin3713d ago

But I still want to play this one.
Sometimes it feels like there are TOO many zombies on the 360 version, this makes repeating tasks that are far from a save point more laborious then it should have to be. After the seventh time of wading through about 300 of them to get to the gun store, only to get killed by the boss thus having to repeat the process an eighth time, you stop having fun.
The aiming is also poor on the 360 version. Wii's Re4 engine means perfect aiming!

Gam713713d ago

the aiming is pants on the 360.

You think you're facing one way then click on aim and he aims in a completely different direction.

And why can't you walk while aiming?

Zerodin3713d ago

But another feature I'm loving for the Wii version is NO MORE OTIS CALLING ME ALL THE TIME...I hate that guy...

Gam713713d ago

yeah thats enough to make me buy it again.

If they've improved the save system as well it could be the version to own.

Gam713713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I wish the shopping centre was that empty when i play it.

Have to say it graphics wise its looks good.
Of course that was on a web page media player showing someone playing on a small tv.

wonder if dead rising two will be set in the big brother house

Zerodin3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

"The graphics look terrible!"
But when they show an unfinished PS3 or 360 screenshot.
"HEY U kAN'T JUDGE IT! THAT are FROM TEh b3tazzors!"

Last time I checked RE4 looks pretty damned good. This uses that game's engine.

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