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Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack expansion feels like a significant addition to the main game by improving its end game content, but it comes at the expense of alienating a major portion of its audience who now have to pay for it in order to get the same experience as the newcomers with Royal Edition.

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ImportGamer3004282d ago

So how is it better when the base game was a huge letdown, no fighting the Nieflheim invasion, and none of the content that was supposed to be in the game was featured. Also the battle system in the demo was better than the final version overall. I had high expectations and was letdown. I can't say the same for NieR:Automata because at least that game is complete in story has a far better combat system, a better soundtrack, features Shoot 'em up & Platforming elements to keep from being monotonous. Also the game didn't need a season pass and a patch 1 year after release to be able to play as different characters. Even Tales of Berseria had character switching from the get go. Character switching has been a staple in Rpg's for decades now, and Square just thought it was acceptable to break it up with a season pass, and only the blind diehard Final Fantasy fans would accept it unwillingly. It's pathetic that such a overhyped game i put my faith in was a waste. As someone who has played both FFXV & NieR:Automata i have to say that NieR:Automata is many times better than FFXV. Not everything about FFXV was bad at least the characters were far more likable than that crappy trilogy known as FF13. Even the villain Ardyn Izunia was a better more well played villain than Caius from the FF13 trilogy.

Personally i have a problem with a game that tries to offer so much and it misses short of the mark.

Unreal01282d ago

Completely disagree with pretty much everything you said.

282d ago