I Love Violent Video Games

Polygon: “We’re having a conversation about violence in video games because politicians want a distraction, not because there’s any causal link between games and real-world shooting.

But that contextual link between the two topics is enough to make some of us feel like we need to tread lightly with our support for the more cathartic scenes in our games. To hell with that. I’m not willing to be put in a rhetorical box by people who think a piece of entertainment is more lethal than a firearm.”

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DarkVoyager282d ago

Agreed. There’s crazy people out there who’s actions shouldn’t reflect on what many of us enjoy as a hobby.

Video games, news, movies, or the internet doesn’t make a person violent. That person likely had mental issues to begin with.

NecrumOddBoy282d ago

This writer is a moron. Violence, sex, drugs are content that young minds should not be exposed to. It is extremely detrimental to a growing mind to be exposed to such things. Video games are not a problem, but they are a medium to expose immature minds to mature themes. This idiot writer acts like the government's going to shut down the video game industry. I enjoy games for their quality and entertainment. Some of them are extremely violent and some of them are extremely childlike. I, as a parent, monitor what my children see to the best of my ability because I don't want them exposed to subject material that their brains are not developed to handle. This article is a feeble attempt for a liberal to whine on an uneducated rant.

NapalmSanctuary280d ago

That's beside the point. As the popularity and violence in video games has risen, crime rates, especially among teenagers, has fallen drastically. Violence in video games has no link to real world violence.

Godmars290281d ago

Its not about violent games but ability to manage the audience. Parents who don't give a damn if their ten year old plays GTA only to then complain to the store for selling it to them. Either that or the kid has friends over who's parents don't want their kids play that type of game.

bluefox755281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

I agree, I do as well. What's interesting to me though is, people like the "journalists" here at Polygon are the very same people that will say that video games cause sexism, but turn around and tell us how harmless violent games are. Obviously this is ridiculous, they are harmless in both regards, but it's funny how their logic changes to suit their narrative.

Grimwood281d ago

I hate violent video games. They're the most boring ones. Chances when you like violence are, that you're pretty dumb too (Not all of you of course, but again, chances are high).

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