Edge: Resistance 2 Hands-On

Edge writes: "With the sequel to Resistance: Fall Of Man, Insomniac has left behind the sepia tones of second-rate British urbanity, skipped across the Atlantic by way of Iceland, and left the player battling bigger and more numerous foes across the protagonist's home country. We were able to dip into a brief section set in the back alleys of an American city, while another hands-off demonstration depicted a vast behemoth, not dissimilar to Cloverfield's sky-scraping beast, laying waste to downtown Chicago."

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Xwow20083686d ago

no problems in R2 from the gfx side.
the release date is near and i hope they will be able to polish the game completely.

rrodhaha3686d ago

edge and eurorgamer suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

himdeel3686d ago

...but it sounds like he doesn't like the game much but was willing to try it out and found some aspects interesting. On the one hand he say's the game looks unpolished in his hands-on version then later he says the non-playable version they were showing looks much better.

I'm assuming the version he played was an older build of the game. Kind of like when people played Killzone2 at TGS and they all said it was an old build with nothing new added.