Here's The "Violent Video Game Reel" Trump Shared At The White House

These are the games President Trump believes contributes to youth violence, and they include Wolfenstein, Modern Warfare 2, and more.

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FlyingFoxy284d ago

Stop young kids getting the games from their parents, this is one of the biggest problems.

You don't give them horror films or 15/18 rated anime full of nudity, or hentai.. Why violent games then?

NecrumOddBoy284d ago

Yeah I agree. At the end of the day, it's a parent issue. Adults should filter content to their children based on individual maturity. Kids shouldn't be exposed to violence, sex, and profanity. Video games are just the medium like film or music. Mature subject material is detrimental to the psyche of developing mind.

zerocarnage282d ago

In my sons school and he's in year 9 age 13 they have Been putting condoms on dildo's for sex education, but you can bet the stink that would be made if say the same children were playing a video game that had such sex toys in, like dead rising or saints row and it came out.

One rule for one and a completely different sent for the rest it is..

Bobafret282d ago

In my observation most parents suck at actually raising their kids, so part of the blame goes on these aholes for not wanting to grow the f up.

Gaming_1st282d ago

Well the main problem is, kids having kids.While sexual activity is at a all time low around 40% for high school kids. But, about 25% of those kids end up pregnant. So over half of high school kids that have sex, end up pregnant. That's a staggering statistic.

goldwyncq282d ago

Kids are already exposed to violence, sex, and profanity and will continue to be whether you like it or not. Prohibiting them from playing mature games isn't going to solve the problem as they could easily just look up stuff online anyway. Kids are not as innocent as people would like to think.

Akarogg 282d ago


goldwyncq the nihilistic passive, defeatist enabler. Look at the thumbnail in this article you bufoon

abstractel282d ago

I don't think video game violence fosters real world violence but I will say that as a kid, even if my parents wouldn't allow it, I was always able to find a way to watch R rated movies and play violent video games without them knowing.

_-EDMIX-_282d ago

Absolutely agreed I believe it's at the discretion of the parent and it's going to vary.

nitus10282d ago


The problem you have with teen pregnancy is the fact that many religious groups totally oppose comprehensive sex education preferring to demand that teens practice abstinence instead of safe sex. (2017).

For those that aren't interested in reading the above link (there are plenty others), the overall view is that high religiosity usually points to high unplanned births among unmarried teens that are 15 to 19 year old.

milohighclub282d ago

"Kids shouldn't be exposed to violence, sex, and profanity." haha that's what schools for xD

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uth11282d ago

> Stop young kids getting the games from their parents, this is one of the biggest problems.

how? everybody says this, but how do you actually do it? i know parents who bought GTA for their 10 year old. if you tell them it's not appropriate, they don't listen

goldwyncq282d ago

I played GTA 3 at that age and turned out just fine. It's not games but poor parenting that causes problems.

_-EDMIX-_282d ago

I actually agree I would argue the media's Vendetta with Grand Theft Auto only gave it more of an Infamous Mystique.

LamerTamer282d ago

It is not poor parenting that causes problems, it is that there are so many guns floating around that they are easy to get. If it was poor parenting and the kid couldn't get a gun there wouldn't be these issues.

NeoGamer232282d ago

Yup, video games can be violent but parents are buying their kids the games.

The second amendment is very flawed in the USA.

There are so many facts that support better controls on guns. The USA has more gun murders per capita than any other country in the world. That is the only fact that is needed to put controls on guns. The lowest gun murder countries are the ones with the most controls on guns. The correlation is very clear.

There are controls on video games. Parents should be aware of the content in the video games that they buy or let their kids buy.

This ends up being a battle of constitutional amendments. The right to bear arms and the freedom of expression. Both need to be controlled in some way. There is no need to bear arms in a safe society where no one has guns. And there is no need to expose people to extreme violence or verbal abuse in the name of freedom of expression. People look at these rights as completely blank cheques, when in reality they should not be. Either that or the rights should be changed. I shouldn't have the right to take someone's life arbitrarily, I should not be exposing myself to extreme levels of violence constantly, and I should not have the right to mock someone so badly that they feel like zero self worth.

Jsoc282d ago

I agree with u To a certain point, 1: bullies in school and on the internet. Parents have to control this at home .and School administration have to do a better job instead of looking the other way. I’ve been playing Video games since 1978. I have 3 kids that are 27,25,21 , all 3 played video games with me since the age of 4. They are not shooting up schools or killing anyone. Parents have to stop using tv and video games as babysitters. And be parents. And play attention at what they buy to make sure is age appropriate.

81BX282d ago

Building my AR with a smile on my face :)

TheCommentator282d ago

If it were a problem, then when violent games were introduced to the world violent crimes would have escalated. It was a problem when rock n' roll was "corrupting our youth" too. The problem isn't parents or violent games, it's the ignorant people who need a scapegoat to put blame onto instead of attacking the real issue of civilians with guns. Or Trump as a role model for our youth.

The US has to live both in a perpetual state of war and with the constant struggles of teenage soldiers going to war, then returning home suffering from PTSD for the rest of their lives. But hey, let's ramp up the military's budget and fight some more, not do anything to piss off the NRA, and blame gaming for the umpteenth time!

Games don't kill people, ignorance does.

subtenko282d ago

So you are telling for parents to lose even more control over their own kids even though technically the gov owns them already which is lead down an even slippery slope and you are trying to bundle bad parent to the good parenting making it bad for everyone

also this happens with drugs and alcohol, and abuse too but no one is getting mad about that, you guys suck.... I feel you people are just parenting whats going around and you dont really truly gaf about whats actually happening and going on in the world.

NeoGamer232281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

I am not sure what you are referring to as a slippery slope.

There are many countries in the world that strictly control guns and they do not have the gun violence that the USA has. I live in Canada where guns are pretty strictly controlled. And we do not have near the issues the USA has on guns. I am not saying we don't have gun violence. But, it is way less than the USA.

The ERSB rates video games and those ratings are solely controlled by parents. Child exposure to violence is solely in the hands of parents. Yet, nobody has to receive any training or pass any course to become a parent. People choose to become parents often for very wrong reasons... "Babies are so cute" is a perfect example. You are creating a life and you become accountable for that life when you have a kid. Part of that accountability is understanding ratings on games and making sure your kid is mature enough to deal with that properly.

Finally, shaming other people no matter what their beliefs is not a formula for long term success at any time. What you say can create monsters. In order for society to not create monsters we have to understand what created them to begin with. I believe that no one is really born a murderer, they are created over the experiences of their life in combination with how their brain ticks. And there are tons of subtle thinks that happen through life that can create a murderer. Of which public shame, humiliation, intimidation, and bullying are part of subtle path adjustments that encourage them in different directions. It is just as much a crime to create a murderer as it is to murder because at the end of the day the murderer has already been killed before they start murdering.

360ICE282d ago

Fact is, not even that is really a problem when talking about gun violence. Trump is just fearmongering, as usual.

IamTylerDurden1282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Overall i'm against this political agenda to censor videogames, but gunning down innocent civilians in an airport is unnerving. The rest of the gaming montage didn't bother me though.

I like my games adult, and i like artists having the ability to create without restrictions, but GTA has always seemed a bit senseless and irresponsible to me. Killing Zombies and Nazis by the truckload is acceptable because they are despicable targets, but freely mowing down innocent bystanders on the sidewalk is not an artistic expression of creativity, it's just sophomoric and needlessly violent. I personally outgrew that brand of violence when i was 16.

Beyond those minor complaints i do feel as though artists should be able to create adult content for adults, with less censorship. We are inundated with violence but games are banned for the slightest reference to anything sexual, it's a double standard. As long the game is appropriately rated and as long as the content serves a greater purpose in the narrative i think artists should be free to create art.

OB1Biker282d ago

The most violence in video games are actually not involving guns. This is just a montage to fit trumps narrative. There should be debates about the unjustified violence you talk about but not in this political masquerade

NeoGamer232281d ago

I agree, but the problem is that I doubt 70% of parents even know games are rated.

I have a friend that has two kids and we were talking one day. He said that it is a crime that there are no controls on video games like GTA. And then I told him about ESRB ratings. He had no clue there were ratings on video games. I have had the same discussion with many other parents. They just have no clue.

The7Reaper282d ago

I mean some parents give their kids horror movies, my parents bought me all 10 Friday the 13th movies when I was 8

frostypants282d ago

Very true. I'd add however that while that is a problem, it isn't likely the culprit for these shootings. Other countries have violent video games that get played by kids and don't have this issue. The problem, no matter how much people want to deny it, is easy access to guns.

_-EDMIX-_282d ago

well the reality is some parents to do so regardless of the medium you'll still have parents that are okay with giving this subject matter to their children. I actually believed if their parenting is correct it's not going to really affect their child all that much because if you have a kid that's able to understand the difference between something fictional and reality

There shouldn't be a problem in the first place. So my opinion though I'm not a parent I still understand that disciplining your children comes before any type of medium. So I believe parents should be over all disciplining their kids above trying to censor content because you have to question when you start censoring content exactly what is wrong with this child that they're unable to grasp some of these ideas?

So if they have to wait till they're more mature I believe that is at the discretion of the parent if they feel their child is able to understand these Concepts.

LamerTamer282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

How about we stop kids from getting guns from their parents, or from anywhere. These politicians are so dependent on their campaign contributions from the NRA that they will blame everything but easy access to guns. To them it is video games, movies, rap music, mental illness, everything except guns. I can't kill people with a video game or movie but I certainly can with a gun. Other countries around the world have violent games and movies but don't have the gun violence we do in the US. So what is the outstanding factor? Easy access to guns. I am not saying to ban them but they should not be so easy to get by anyone . Trump, keep your big government hands off my games!

NeoGamer232281d ago

How about people start dealing with all the ways that a murderer becomes a murderer...

Socially outcast, guns, violence, violent content, bullying, drugs, alcohol, abuse, etc. etc.

Murderers aren't created by a single event usually. They are created from a series of events that come together into a conclusion that they need to take action.

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XiNatsuDragnel284d ago

lol trump you've lots to learn here's a small loan of a million dollars to figure it out.

Akarogg 282d ago

Your memes will not solve this one

subtenko282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Of course not, thats all people know are memes and parroting what their handlers tell them. blue pilled idiots

81BX282d ago

You must have been following Trump. All it takes is a meme, a fox news segment, or a tweet.

-Foxtrot284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Cherry picking can show whatever point you're making at the end of the day

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moegooner88284d ago

60k dislikes, and they had to delist the video on the official Youtube channel. They might have to find a new scapegoat, or worse, face the facts.

nitus10282d ago

The facts are that many Senators (mostly Republican) will lose bribes (err campaign funds) if they vote for gun control reform.

I live in Australia and we do have fairly tough gun laws however that does not mean I can't get a firearm if I have a legitimate need and paranoia such as 1) the need to overthrow a tyrannical government. 2) Prevent home invasions. 3) Prevent muggings etc, are not acceptable as legitimate needs.

Basically, from a police perspective both in Australia and the USA the "man with a gun" is always the bad guy, so shoot first and ask questions later and this has been proven true particularly in the USA.

OB1Biker282d ago

This is a masquerade that shouldn't even happen. They should have refused the invitation because it actually looks like some dictatorship trying to manipulate the opinion.