The 5 Best Adult Games You Can Play Right Now

Need something to keep you warm at night? Look no further, because one of these five fine offerings could be just the thing you've been seeking - a saucy game to really stimulate the imagination.
Ranging from the classic to the compelling to the bizarre and back again, these are five best adult games you could be playing right now.

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WickedLester164d ago

Unless you're a perv, why would you want to play an "adult" (i.e. T&A) videogame?

Knushwood Butt164d ago

Are you saying that anyone that likes T & A is a pervert?

I won't ask what you are into...

cleft5164d ago

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash and The Witcher 3 are not adult games. Such a silly list.

WickedLester163d ago

REAL T&A? Yeah, sure! Gawking at animated T&A that you can't touch? Yeah, that's pervsville.

Uglyday164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Wicked is the long version of Mo?

For the first person to be commenting saying “you guys are pervs” you sure picked the wrong name to hide behind.

Bhuahahaha164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

so do you know any gamer(most of it men) that dont find this stuff(adult game) interesting?
dont lie to yourself .

Fist4achin164d ago

That pic is hilarious with her resting bitch face...

WilliamSheridan164d ago

Leisure Suit Larry is still king to me. I would buy a true adventure game with Larry starring in it any day

ErogeMaster164d ago

What a trash list senran kagura is trash almost all characters have the same cup size just pallete swapped.

TomatoDragon164d ago

Sorry, but Senran Kaugura is great.

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