Destructoid TGS 08: Let's Tap Preview

Destructoid writes: "What a strange world we live in when the next words I'm going to write are not sarcasm: playing Sega's Let's Tap, a game which utilizes the Wii Remote and a cardboard box to "control" a series of mini-games, was the most fun I had a Tokyo Game Show this year.

Let's Tap is the mystery Prope-developed title teased a few weeks back, which they described as "the game that even penguins can play." The title will include 10 different games, but all share a similar and unique control scheme -- you place the Wii Remote face down on a cardboard box, and you simply tap the box to play the game. The Wii Remote and game will react to the vibration of the box, and won't require you to use the controller (outside of menu selection)."

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