Capcom Pays a Visit To Microsoft In Japan, But What Does It Mean?

Microsoft appears to be working on some sort of turnaround in the gaming industry. Not that 2017 was the worst year for the company, as it still made a good amount of money. But the lack of Xbox One exclusives certainly hurt it, and the Xbox One X, while performing admirably, wasn’t nearly enough to knock PlayStation 4 off of its perch.

But some interesting things have been happening, and this time, it’s with Capcom. The third-party company recently paid a cryptic visit to Microsoft in Japan, and posted some teaser images indicating that something is happening. What it is, many are not sure yet, but it could lead up to an announcement of some kind at E3.

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Vasto195d ago

Sega and now Capcom.

They have seen the future!

TFJWM194d ago

Ya release an Xbox exclusive that doesn't sell but they still make money off MS...

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Brian7655492195d ago

It would be neat if they did something along the lines what Nintendo and Ubisoft did.

Auron194d ago

Well... it could only be positive for XBOX fans.

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Avengerz43194d ago

Capcom is the hot 3rd party Dev right now after MHW. Be cool to see them give MS a exclusive or even a timed exclusive of sorts.


Your down votes speaks volumes about this site...

neutralgamer1992193d ago

maybe they come from those of us who believe console makers shouldn't pay other publishers to hold some games from for a time being onto coming out to other consoles

notachance193d ago

XB fanboys:
"it would be cool if MS bought PUBG so that it remains exclusive"
"holy gee I'm excited thinking what multiplatform publishers MS will buy so that its games will be exclusive to MS!"
"I hope MS strikes an exclusive deal with publishers!!"

the same XB fanboys:
"it's not right that PS have so many third-party exclusive, third-party games should be multiplatform so that as many people as possible can play it"

zerocarnage194d ago

Ignore the down voters, you speak the truth. Capcom are hot after MHW and an exclusive under Xbox from capcom could be big..

neutralgamer1992193d ago

speak the truth by buying 3rd party exclusives instead of investing in house? no wonder why xbox one is so far behind. Not only phil doesn't get it even the xbox fans think alike and think long term success comes from buying timed exclusives

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The story is too old to be commented.