If Exclusives Matter: Own a Ps3 and Xbox 360

From Product Reviews:
"The topic of Exclusive Games is one that many gamers have different opinions on, but if exclusives really matter and you have the money, then why not own an Xbox 360 and Sony PS3..."

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MS Bribing3687d ago

MS Bribes most of their exclusives

chasuk083687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

True but at the end of the day they now have them, and in order to play them you need a 360.

I really want fable 2 and gears 2, but 360 isnt so cheap for me, once you include gold membership and a wireless adapter, plus the 2 games, its already up to £400, you can get a ps3 and 5 games for that.

mikeslemonade3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

That isn't a reason to own both systems if your on a tight budget. There are less exclusives now for this generation than last generation, so if anything you should only own a (PS3 or 360)+ Wii. And the 360 has one first party developer which is Rare so going forward the PS3 has more guranteed exclusives.

Emmo3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )


Now that is not true is it.

If you only want to play gears 2 and fable 2 you could play them for as little as £170 if you buy an Arcade plus the two games.

If you wanted to buy an Elite wireless adaptor and the two games you can currently get them for about £300

Not everyone wants a wireless adaptor, you may want to play the game offline, or like me, just run a cable to your modem.

Back to the article, I would own both machines, but there have not been enough PS3 exclusives to make it worth buying both. I have always owned all machines that our out, except this time around.

I am greatfull that MS have managed to get more games to go multiplatform, they have saved me £300+ on buying a PS3.

Final_Rpg3687d ago

@emmo, he's just stating the fact that the PS3 is a lot better value. Even though some of it may not be necessary, the fact that it has it all included for the price its at is pretty outstanding. People are going to complain next generation when they get jack for their money and have to buy a ton of accessories. I call them hypocrites.

Emmo3687d ago

@ Final RPG

It is only value if you want a Blu Ray player. If it was such great value it would have finished 360 off by now. It certainly is not great value as a games machine.

Final_Rpg3687d ago

Dude, half the general public wouldn't be able to recognize value if it hit them in the face. They don't know the difference between bluray and DVD, they don't realize what a good deal they are getting. I bet they buy into either console only because of word of mouth and know little about the console themselves. Only those that are serious about gaming can recognize the pro's and con's of the consoles. General public just buy whatever console is the cheapest/nicest looking/most popular. If they understood the value of the ps3 and the hidden costs of the 360 I guarantee anything the console war would be a very different story.

OmegaKulu3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I do agree with final_rpg
value is a very technical thing, the general public just don't have much of an idea about them.
For example, monster cables, a $100+ 3ft cable that do the same job as a $20 cable would do, but u still see people buying them regardless.

In terms of hardware, PS3 have much better value.
Software, 360 is currently leading, but the feature is unknown, since pretty much all 3rd party will go multi(specially with the crap econ we have atm) 1st and 2nd party will likely be the key difference between the two.

Tacki3687d ago

@ Emmo
I believe chasuk08 is stating what HE would need to spend, and I can only assume he's done some research for himself and knows what he wants/needs. I myself couldn't miss playing Gears of War 2 online! But you're both right in your own ways.

@ Final_Rpg
The PS3 is a great value when you look at all the features it has right out of the box... but value is also relative to the user and it's important to remember that. Some may not see any value in having a blueray player or a browser and others may not see the value in the Xbox Live service. It's about what certain features mean to you. I can understand where both sides come from and I'm not saying that one is superior to another... just that it depends heavily on a consumers interests, budget, and/or needs.

Speaking on this article though... exclusives are exactly the reason I own all three of the next-gen consoles. I do not want to miss out on anything and my choices when it comes to what system to buy multiplats for varies from game to game. For example, I preordered Dead Space for the Xbox 360 because I wished to have the Ultra Limited Edition that is not offered for the PS3. On the other hand I've preordered Fallout 3 for the PS3, despite the exclusive DLC that the 360 will receive. Why? For one thing I would likely not bother with the extra content (especially if it's not free) and well, I just choose to play certain games on certain consoles. Sometimes there's very little reason behind my choice. I just go with what I feel like.

If you can afford both (or all three) consoles I think that's wonderful. Then you can enjoy all that gaming has to offer... but it really comes down to an individuals taste. Some don't care for the PS3 exclusives and some don't care enough for the 360's exclusives. That's all good and fine... and I completely understand. As a multi-console owner though I really would like to see more respect shown for the games that each system has to offer. Afterall... putting down another's game library doesn't really makes yours any better. It does nothing to enhance your experience. But hate breeds hate. Once one person fires the other side is almost sure to fire back. It's a nasty cycle if you ask me.

juuken3687d ago

Why must people keep saying that the PS3 is ONLY a bluray player?

You know, it's actually an entertainment system you know. It plays games, music, dvds, bluray, can serve as a backup if your computer crashes, can stream certain has a lot of features most systems don't have.

nice_cuppa3687d ago

ps3 has 3 flavours all with hard drive and blu-ray.

xbox360 has 3 flavours
1 with no hard drive but a memory card.
# good for playing on and offline games.
good for price. (cheapest)
not for downloading anthing more than arcade
2 with 60gb hard drive
# good for on and offline games.
good for price (cheap)
good for downloading for all but hardcore 60gb+
3 with 120gb hard drive
# good for on and offline games.
ok for price (not so cheap)
120gb good for hardcore users.

so if say i wanted to play fable 2 or gears 2 or banjo kazooie etc i can pay as little as $200 + $50 = $250
this would allow you to play the game you wanted go online (silver is free gold is $49.99 but alot of games come with a few free months and so do all new consoles)

it will also give you access to a huge library of games.

ps3 has no option to use a memory card instead of a harddrive (cheaper)
ps3 has no option to not have blu-ray movie playback (cheaper)
ps3 has no option to lose the wireless internet (cheaper)
# having no wireless internet does not stop online play and a hard connection is more reliable.

if i wanted to play lbp what is the least amount of money (r.r.p not deals as you can save money on 360 in deals to)i would need to pay ?

blu-ray movies are amazing but what if i dont want it ?

value is only real if there is a choice !

pavarotti3687d ago

you see that? you mention anything no matter how slight, and the ps3 fanboys are lining-up. you've just got to let them have these sony-vs-microsoft threads....otherwise you'll be bubbleless in an hour.

they desparately hope they can put somebody off of buying a 360 if they have enough fud threads on n4g. still it's all good very soon. with all the gamez that are gonna pazown111 for the ps triple coming soon, i'm expecting the net to be empty of sony fanboys because they are gonna be to busy playing said games.

one can only hope.

Emmo3687d ago

My point being that if Sony had kept backwards compatiblity and had a cheaper model without wi-fi and Blu Ray I would have bought it.

Now I do not see the point on Spending £300+ to play a couple of exclusives.

I understand what Sony were doing releasing a all singing all dancing machine, the problem is they took choice away and released a machine at £400+ this gave the 360 a lead and now they are having to battle to get on parity (sales wise)

So value is in the eye of the beholder.

Final_Rpg3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

@pavarotti, stating of facts does not make someone a fanboy. You're trying to tell me that when you add the parts of a 360 up and a PS3 you don't mathematically find that you get more for what you pay with the PS3 you're just lying to yourself.

I'm not telling anyone not to buy a 360, heck I recommend it if they prefer the games(and everything else it offers). They aren't losing a ridiculous amount of product with that choice. I just don't like people saying how cheap the 360 is comparatively to the ps3 because I believe the console comes incomplete. Don't try and tell me people don't need to go and purchase anything extra for a 360 experience, at least anyone that wants to consider them self someone that is quite into video gaming. You can't use half of the features that make the 360 so great unless you go out and buy these accessories that don't come with 360. And whilst the ps3 also doesn't come with everything you need it comes with a hell of a lot more not even offered on the 360 side (in terms of hardware).

If you want a 360, and you buy one, you're not making a bad choice. At that same time in terms of what you get in the box PS3 is giving you a sizable amount more. Though MOST of it is available for purchase later for 360 but it ends up pushing the price past the PS3. Which, to be honest, if everyone was completely educated on this it would probably make a sizable difference to sales. And I know that won't ever happen, but I don't mind. The fact is that I know, and I'm able to choose the console that I believe to have greater worth because of this knowledge. Also, I'm not saying that the PS3 is better value overall, money isn't the only way to value things.

For me at least, I saw the PS3 offered more value. Whether you agree or disagree makes no difference. Some would see more value in a post-it note than a PS3 or a 360. It just proves money isn't the only factor when determining the worth of a product.

anh_duong3687d ago

i would never own both consoles.. i own all three instead!

Emmo3687d ago

@Final RPG

You make some good points, but I would like to point out that you can get all the features you want from the 360 for £170 (60g Pro Pack- £145 in some stores) + live subscription (if you want to play online), which you can get for £26. (you can hard wire your 360 to the internet)

I am certainly not saying don't buy a PS3. If you like PS3s exclusive and want a Blu Ray player, buy it.

If the PS3 exclusives don't float your boat and you are not bothered by Blu Ray the 360 has a larger catalouge of games and more 90+ scoring games.

Both are good machines and I do think that for many people it will come down to price, if upfront price is not an issue the 360 would be selling more than it is.

mettalhead703687d ago

They don't bribe for exclusives, they bribe for an exclusive to go multiplatform.(final fantasy 13-last minute decision)Every company buys I.P's.

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razer3687d ago


Because I dont want any PS3 exclusives.

n4gzz3687d ago

So, you mean to say that you didn't want GTA4, Devil may cry 4 and bunch of others including Final Fantasy 13 ? You surely wanted those that's why they are not exclusive anymore.

slave2Dcontroller3687d ago

You see... er hmmmm. He's a cellphone gamer DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWG LOLZ

Why o why3687d ago

where were they in 08. please list

juuken3687d ago

Yes, because you hate the PS3.
We know that already.
I love how you don't state *why* you wouldn't want PS3 exclusives.

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Mr PS33687d ago

But not the Xbox one's !!
Because they are Crap

Shaka2K63687d ago

All the exlcusive games have flopped so hard not a single game has yet to score AAA, and the only games that do score AAA on the xbug 3rd60 arent even exclusive just PC ports of generic shooters.

xbug 3rd60 = useless.

Sony PS3, Sony PSP and PC = perfect combination.

oh and third party exclusives are nonexisting on the xbug 3rd60 they eventually drop best on PS3 just look at Oblivion and Bioshock ect.

richie007bond3687d ago

Have you always been this stupid or is this just a recent thing,but judging by your comment i suspect you've been an imbecile all your life...IDIOT!!!!!