Destructoid TGS 08: hands-on with PS3 title Demon's Souls

Destructoid writes: "After flashing my ID and proving my age to the 5 foot 2 inch smiling Japanese girl that passed as security at Sony's booth, Demon's Souls was the first game I played at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Being designed by From Software exclusively for the PlayStation 3, Demon's Souls is an action role-playing game about the awakening of an ancient demon that claims souls as its life force. I would know more about the game's story, but a young Japanese-speaking girl pressed start for me as I was trying to watch the game's opening cinematic: an artistically beautiful tale of colorless fog that swallows mankind."

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MS Bribing3688d ago

If it us using a 50gig bluray disc, its no way going multi-platform.

SixTwoTwo3688d ago

its being published by Sony