Destructoid: Developer Q&A: David Friedland, Lead Game Designer for Blitz: The League II

Destructoid writes: "I'm well aware that most of the people who frequent this site don't give a damn about simulation sports games like Madden, which are very close to my heart. But that doesn't mean that I don't play arcade sports games as well, and one of the foremost examples of that genre (and one of my old favorites from "back in the day") comes in the form of Midway's Blitz series (known as NFL Blitz before EA won the exclusive NFL license). Today sees the release of the latest entry in that long-running football franchise, Blitz: The League II.

'm sure many of you guys and gals love the hard-hitting, "outside-the-lines" version of football that the first Blitz: The League brought to the table. Seeking to provide a parody of sorts of the NFL, the game's campaign mode was a rough-and-tumble trek through The League, and now, Midway is back for more. I was able to conduct an interview with the Lead Game Designer of Blitz: The League II, David Friedland. Hit the jump for his explanation of the game's feature set, including thoughts on how to turn a shoulder stinger into a broken collarbone, and the best way to play multiplayer Blitz."

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