Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Finally Confirmed

The fight is finally coming to the Switch.

As many fans have been waiting for since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, Super Smash finally confirmed to be coming to the system. And it's coming in 2018.

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GameBoyColor257d ago

Now is it a port or is it a new game? I saw botw Link so I'm not sure but I'm hyped! 2018 bois

Nyxus257d ago

It will probably be the Wii U version with additional content. Probably some characters from Splatoon, ARMS, etc. A Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character would be cool.

VerminSC257d ago

It’s been nearly 4 years, I really think this is a new game.

ChickeyCantor257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

It's botw link that you see. So I'm hoping it's not a port.

Michiel1989257d ago

@Vermin It's still an amazing game even after 4 years. I think they rerelease it because the Wii U sold poorly so not 'enough' people got to play it. If they add a story/adventure mode. Put all of the 3ds content in the switch version as well, add a few character favorites (ice climbers, wolf, King Krool), maybe even tag team fights and some other new modes I think it will feel pretty refreshing.

There might still come a totally new version for switch but I dont see that happening before 2020 (smash games take a lot of time to make) if it happens at all.

mikeslemonade257d ago

We don’t need another smash or Mario Kart. Just a bunch of rehashed shovelware.

G3ng4r256d ago

^ We don't need tlou2. The first was a clunky pos game.

remixx116256d ago

@G3 he express his opinion and you get all in ya feelings.

Regardless this is hype and i called it that the next ninty direct would end with smash on switch.

mikeslemonade256d ago

^oh I’m sorry.. but realistic movements are clunky. When you carry armor, 3 weapons, and walking/running all day I bet you can still jump like fake/fantasy mario right?

G3ng4r255d ago

The pony defense force arrives! You're right. Gameplay isn't so important and I have to admit, tlou was the most fully interactable tech demo I've ever seen.

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stupidusername257d ago

If it was a deluxe edition then I would assume that they would call it that, cause giving false expectations isn't in their favor.
My bet, is that this is a new Smash. It's already 4 years since the last smash released.

Concertoine257d ago

I think what they may do is use the Smash Wii U assets and tweak the engine to make it its own fighting game. Make sort of like a "turbo smash 4" but with more effort than that. Im so HYPED.

TekoIie257d ago

There's genuinely nothing that really points either way to be honest.

We've just got to wait for official confirmation.

Ilovetheps4257d ago

The only reason I would say that it isn't a port is because the Link model shown in the trailer is a Breath of the Wild model. That's the only indication I can give that says it's a new game, but that's purely speculation on my part.

TekoIie257d ago (Edited 257d ago )


Thing is we have to remember BotW was on Wii U so it is entirely possible its just a skin and we saw Splatoon 1 inklings in the opening which make me think port.

I feel there's too much that points either way on this.

Also kinda feel they wouldnt have chosen a teaser if it was just a port. AAAAHHH Y U DO DIS NINTENDO!!!

The 10th Rider257d ago

New logo for the series. Hal Laboratory logo but no Bandai Namco. That points to a new entry.

G3ng4r257d ago

Fully expecting a beefy port which is fine because the original was near perfect. I say this because the emphasis on the inklings was as if to say "THIS part is new. Also Link's costume. You know the rest."

Michiel1989257d ago

It does point toward it being a port, if they would announce a totally new smash bros game they would do i differently I think. They would start of to show the full cast of smash bros and show the inklings at the end. What they did now is basically a spin on 'A new challenger appears'.

Also the style of the logo is exactly the same as smash 4's. Im 100% sure it's a port.

Michiel1989257d ago

@tekloie this isnt a teaser, this is a character announcement and saying that its for the switch in 2018. Aesthetics are exactly the same as Smash 4. Knowing Sakurai he will probably add a lot of new stuff in and make it feel fresh.

The 10th Rider257d ago


But the logo is different than Smash 4's... The Smash logo that makes up the o in Bros is clearly different. The period and the TM have shifted to different positions. The Smash 4 logo doesn't have the lines through it. Even the lettering is warped differently. It's no more similar to Smash 4 than it is to Brawl's.

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Relientk77257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Port or New Smash

Buying it either way though

G3ng4r256d ago

Buying it unless it's brand new trash similar to brawl. Kind of why I would hope for a port, Sakurai has nearly buried the series before.

DJK1NG_Gaming257d ago

Other than Link main design is his Breath of the Wild look in the trailer yeah it either a new game or major enhanced port

The 10th Rider257d ago

New Super Smash Bros logo. No Bandai Namco logo. Breath of the Wild Link. It looks like it's a new game. Personally even if it is, I'm expecting it to be more like a Smash 4.5.

_-EDMIX-_257d ago

I was very much expecting it to be a new game I was very surprised that anyone was even thinking it was going to be a port considering they could have did that within the first few months of the release vs waiting an entire year plus.

I want to know the new characters!

3-4-5257d ago

Either way, I think it means at least a few reworkings of characters move sets and play styles.

It's Botw link which means completely different move set, which makes link like a new character.

I'd be willing to be they do that with a few other characters like Mario and some others.

I want Smash 5, but I'd still play the heck out of a Smash for EX or deluxe version.

JackieDrunken257d ago

God when that logo appeared on her eye...EPIC!! I'm thinking it might be new game. But will have to wait till E3 probably to find out for sure. Regardless its freaking Smash on Switch!!!!!!!

Segata257d ago

It's a new game with a new copyright. Ports use the previous version Copyright as well. Sakurai is working on this one and here is his tweet translated. "I am still at the stage of just announcing the title, but I keep silent and working day by day. Please wait until the time that content can be released or released." Yeah, that's not a port.

The 10th Rider257d ago

And a new logo. PLus no mention of Bandai Namco. All signs point to it being a brand new entry!

xPaYDaYx257d ago

There are way more Switch adopters than Wii U. Most people would be completely satisfied with a port.

_-EDMIX-_257d ago

Will you also need to consider that the 3DS also got Smash Brothers.

I believe overall collectively most users want a new Smash Brothers.

JaggedCarpet257d ago

I think that if it was a port, they would've showed a little gameplay or some more information about it.

We'll have to wait to know for sure, though.

DJK1NG_Gaming257d ago

One thing for sure. Some characters may get a some changes. I think Link maybe the biggest change in moveset and playstyle since it's the Champion Link.

zugdar257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Evidence hints more at a new game.

Japanese tweet specifies its a tentative title, Sakurai mentioning he has been at work on this "secret title" for a long time, HAL being the devs and not Bandi Namco and the 4 year gap would suggest its a new game.

Nothing directly has been said at the moment though.

SenorFartCushion257d ago

Yeah. I've heard a lot of people ask this but I think the answer is obvious:

Was Modern Warfare 3 a sequel to Modern Warfare 2? It looked similar, same engine, same gameplay but they made something new on that engine.

It's a new game that's just using the same engine as the last game. It's a Smash game, even if they ported the wii u one with a story mode it would technically count as a sequel

conanlifts256d ago

I think it will be a hybrid and contain 50% new levels, gameplay, new characters and tweaks etc . The other 50% might be the wii u version. So a bit of both.

SR388256d ago

This is a new game looks like ... I wasn't me on WiiU smash coz lack of story, amiibo and cloud ... But the trailer had me angry at first coz I thought "oh god splatoon remake for switch" but then I was like :o holy shit!!! SMA5H!!!

Fragnum256d ago

I'd prefer a new version of Smash optimised for the Switch, but tbh, I'd take an enhanced port of the Wii U version with additional characters and modes if thats what we get.

Either way Smash coming to Switch is amazing news :D

3-4-5256d ago

Botw link = new move set which = reworkings of other characters.

This is at the very least Smash 4.5.......but most likely smash 5.

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Moonman257d ago

Well there goes another $60. :) 2018 was a nice surprise.

FallenAngel1984257d ago

Pretty certain its a GOTY Edition of SSB4

The 10th Rider257d ago

It's got a new logo and there's no Bandai Namco logo at the end, only Hal Laboratory. If it was a port/goty edition I imagine it would have been the previous logo as "Super Smash Bros for Switch". Seems to be a new entry.

Michiel1989257d ago

what new logo? u mean exactly the same logo as smash 4...... the fire smash ball looks exactly the same as smash 4's intro.

Even the title letters are exactly the same as smash 4's besides the white lines through the letters.
If you can tell me whats new i would love to hear cause im dying for a totally new smash game.

Im not sure if this means anything but at the end it says: Original game: Nintendo/Hal Laboratory. nothing in the teaser implies its a new smash game.

The 10th Rider257d ago


Did you even bother to compare the two logos? As I said elsewhere, the Smash logo making up the O is completely different. The warping on the letters are different. The lines are there. The period and TM have moved. I'd go as far as to say it's closer to SSBB's logo than to SSB4's logo.

Sirk7x256d ago

Also, the copyright is 2018 instead of 2014-2018.

_-EDMIX-_257d ago

I mean if it was going to be that I believe the title would reflect it.

I also firmly believe like I always did that they were ever going to Port it it would have been within the first few months of the launch of the switch I don't even see a benefit to them waiting an entire year plus support such a game as massive as Smash Brothers as it would make more sense that they've already been working on a new entry.

_-EDMIX-_257d ago

I mean folks could disagree all they want I don't really see a lot of indication that this is a port.

zacfoldor256d ago

I never played that one anyway, so I'm excited either way.

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The 10th Rider257d ago

Dang. This will probably hit in September with the online service. With Pokemon possibly coming this year Switch sales are going to explode.

Sono421256d ago

You're only fooling yourself if you think Pokemon Switch is releasing this year, they didn't even have any footage to show of it last year when they announced it because it was so early in development, yet you think it will release this year? you're a fool

The 10th Rider256d ago

I said "possibly releasing this year" because Nintendo still has it listed as "2018 or later".

Also, it was being worked along alongside Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, seemingly even before Sun and Moon came out.

Also, what does not having seen gameplay footage have to do with anything? Mario Rabbids released 2 months after being announced. Arms was like 5 months after being announced. Smash Bros likely comes in September and we still haven't seen gameplay footage.

Ether way it will likely be announced this year and that alone will drive hype through the roof.

Neonridr256d ago

wow.. someone piss in your corn flakes this morning? Are you saying you wouldn't be happy if it did come in 2018? Regardless if it's realistic or not, why the hate? Maybe they are saving it all for E3..

hamzilla256d ago

I can pretty much bet that Nintendo will win E3 this year with Smash and Pokemon on Switch and anything else they have up their sleeves.... Metroid as well for Switch perhaps

Sono421256d ago

I'm not saying it wouldn't be awesome, that's just extrmely unrealistic, you can't finish a new 3D pokemon game in one year, not if you don't want Pokemon Sun/Moon ultra Switch Version (Which would be terrible by the way please don't do this Nintendo)

The 10th Rider256d ago


I just explained that it's been confirmed that development started before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which means it's been in development a year and a half, at minimum. There's hints that it started development even before Sun and Moon's release, which would put it at 2 years into development. Also, they seemingly made Sun and Moon with high quality assets and then scaled down from there, meaning they already have assets that are likely being used for Pokemon Switch.

I'm still skeptical that it will release this year, but it's indubitably a lot more than one year into development already.


Game Freak often does their own thing, so I'm not sure we should expect anything at E3. My guess would be their own separate direct in either Spring or Fall.

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DialgaMarine257d ago

What’s most interesting is they’re clearly using the BotW design for Link. I really hope that means it’s a new game, or at least it’s going to get a lot of new content besides the Link design and Inklings. Either way, looking forward to it.