Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Coming To Nintendo Switch & 3DS

The fan favourite puzzle platformer Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is making its way to the Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

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TekoIie279d ago

Loved this game on Wii U. One of those gems that you dont expect so really happy to be able to give it a play on Switch!

NecrumOddBoy279d ago

I never played it and was wanting a Switch version. I'm so glad it has new content from Mario as he traveled to all these worlds.

sirultimos279d ago

I loved this on Wii U! I think the Odyssey stages are what's getting me excited about this.

3-4-5279d ago

Exactly. Loved it on Wii U. Can't wait to play the newer stages as well.

I'm hoping this means we get a Captain Toad 2 at some point as well.

dripdrop30279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

That direct tho.. WOW

MrSec84279d ago

It was a great one for sure IMO.
Having too many games I'm interested in is always a good thing.

JackieDrunken279d ago

Was not expecting Smash teaser! They killed it!

MrSec84279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

This was a great direct IMO, packed with game announcements.

I'm glad to see this coming to Switch, Smash this year, Splatoon 2 SP expansion and loads of other stuff announced before in the last events gives me tonnes to look forward to.

Still need to buy Bayonetta 1&2, not sure whether to preorder Kirby Star Allies and since I don't have a Wii U DKTF is a must as well.

Nintendo are killing people's bank accounts just like Sony ATM, it'll be hard to find the time to play all of these great games IMHO!!

Avengerz43279d ago

This looks fun I may have to buy this

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