Why PSVR Needs to Officially Join The PlayStation Plus Lineup

This week's episode, hosts joseph and Kyle talk about Horizon Zero Dawn's one year later. The next rumored Battlefield will be set in World War 2, should games tackle real like events like the holocaust? Detroit Becoming Human, release date announced, has the game been tainted by harassment issues? Bloodborne's the free game of March, there's no reason to miss this game any longer. Should Sony officially Add PSVR to their PlayStation Plus Lineup? Lastly, the gang gives their thoughts on Moss and whether it's truly the best PSVR has to offer.
Shelf Promotion INTRO! - 00:00 - 1:45
Moss VR talk: 1:45 - 11:50
Monster Hunter World the Best Selling Capcom game! 11:50 - 16:28
Horizon Zero Dawn Selling like crazy 16:28 - 20:20
SIE (PlayStation) to focus on First Party games 20:20 - 26:10
Battlefield 5, WW2, and how to handle the horrors of war 26:10 - 35:56
PlayStation Plus Lineup! BLOODBORNE! 44:32 - 49:56
IF I WAS SHU!?... Why PSVR Needs to Officially Join The PlayStation Plus Lineup 49:56
What we'VR into, Bravo Team! 55:25 - 1:00:00
New Overwatch's newest character 1:00:10 - 1:03:44
David Jaffe's studio shutters and Xbox's Red Wedding 1:03:45 - fin

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isarai251d ago

While i do agree, thinking it over leads to a not so great reality. Yeah it sounds great to replace one of the two lost platforms in the lineup with PSVR, However how many worthwhile games are there right now? just a very small handful, and definitely not enough old games to get fresh good experiences every month (cause i really don't think a dev already rolling the dice on making a VR title is going to gamble even further putting a new release on PS+ right away)

Long story short, in reality we'll just be getting a lot of horrible games with a handful of good ones few and far in between, and likely even some duplicates which might do more harm than good for PSVR as a platform.

dp277407251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

I'm pretty sure I've got a PSVR game a few times for PS Plus. I know I got Rigs, the Until Dawn rollercoaster game and another arena shooter game if not more.

IamTylerDurden1250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

I personally think the way Sony is handling PSVR on Plus is perfect at the moment. Every month or two they add a new, high level PSVR game like Rigs, Rush of Blood, and Starblood Arena along with the 6 free games we regularly get. VR is too new and too niche to support 2 games per month, maybe in a year it would be appropriate to add 1 game per month, but as of right now i think its perfect. Plus we are technically getting an extra game for free. I own a PS4, PS3, PSVR, Vita and PS Plus right now is providing me great value.

IamTylerDurden1250d ago

Rigs, Until Dawn RoB, Starblood Arena, and HyperVoid VR were all given on PS Plus.

The_Jackel251d ago

Ummm rigs and something else that was vr has been on ps plus :/

Phoenix76251d ago

I thought that we would be getting a new vr title through ps+ every 2 months. Can't understand why we didn't get one this month. Was kinda hoping for that battle tank game

Sgt_Slaughter251d ago

It already has though. THey won't do it every month because there's not enough of a library yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.