Bethesda Is Tired Of Spending Money Supporting Software Pirates

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Piracy remains one of the biggest issues facing PC gaming these days.

Last week, "Fallout 3?product manager Pete Hines told me that some development studios now calculate that up to half of their customer support calls involve dealing with people who have pirated copies of the game.

That's bad.

Hines discussed the problem of piracy with MTV Multiplayer just days before, ironically, the Xbox 360 version of "Fallout 3? leaked. Piracy is still far more prevalent on the PC side, which has serious implications for studios like Bethesda Softworks, whose development bread-and-butter has been PCs."

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Jamegohanssj53712d ago

Ever heard of Playstation 3 exclusives? Dumbasses.


thereapersson3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I know it sounds biased, but really, the only way you're going to ensure a game stays put is to release it on the PS3 initially, and then release it on the 360 after you have absorbed a good amount of sales.

Or, like you said, just don't bother with DVD-based games anymore.

EDIT: @ DJ (below)

Yeah, it's sad to see PC gaming basically being killed by its own userbase. I'll admit, i've downloaded games in the past, but they've never been brand new titles. The last game I "pirated" was Tomb Raider III for the PC.

DJ3712d ago

But it's easy to see PC gaming dying a slow death over the next few years thanks to heavy pirating.

bumnut3712d ago

pc gaming is not going to die, i was playing battlefield 2 last night and there were over 4000 servers available to join.

there are more pc online gamers than console online gamers.

thereapersson3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I think he was talking about game SALES and how they relate to developers being willing enough to continue to financially invest in the plaform.

We know there are thousands of PC gamers out there who are willing to play games on PC who never pay for anything...

EDIT @ 1.7 (lelo)

*stealth trolling attempt detected*

Gee, now that couldn't be because of the larger install base, could it? Oh wait!

EDIT 2 @ lelo: I was also pointing out an obvious fact, and one that you should realize makes your "point" unnecessary.

lelo3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Funny thing is that the X360 being pirated and still sell's more multiplatform games then the PS3.

LOL, at the disagree's ... could you tell me one multiplatform game that sold more on the PS3 then on the X360?

@thereapersson ... you are paranoid. I was not bashing, just pointing out a fact. You are so blind, you don't see the difference troller.

leila013712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

360's been pirated since the very first day but still sells a lot more games (exclusive or multi) than the PS3, it's also cheaper to develop for. And, the percentage of people that use modded 360s is equivalent to the percentage of people that buy PS3s for Blu-ray.

So there goes your PS3 exclusive theory

About Killzone, If anyone took four years of their time to create a FPS for the 360, it will look twice as good and sell better (although it's not out yet).

Fishy Fingers3712d ago

"About Killzone, If anyone took four years of their time to create a FPS for the 360, it will look twice as good and sell better "

You talk as if that's fact. When in reality it's simply the ramblings of your imagination.

DJ3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

But it's a very low percentage of titles since the platform is much harder to crack than a PC. We're talking less than 1%.

The 360 sells more games than the PS3, but not every month, and definitely not year-to-date. It not only depends on which titles are released each month, but also the installed base of each platform. Right now, there's only a 4 million unit difference, so multiplatform sales have pretty much evened out for both systems. And many, such as Devil May Cry 4, end up selling better on PS3 due to differences in what kind of audience each system caters towards.

DevilVergilX3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

oh please... It sell more because xbox360 has a 12million install base compared to the 5-6million install base the ps3 has in the US... And Killzone 2 was announced 2005(E3 trailer was CG, so no initial development) so they only been working on it for barely 3years not 4... They(and most of the developers now) are learning to how to make games on the ps3. so after they get used to making games on it, it would take as much time or even less as it would on a 360 game.

sack_boi3712d ago

The game has been in development since 2005 or earlier and it's release date is 2009. That makes it four years at least. She's right.

BLuKhaos3712d ago

You want me to show you a Multi-platform game that sold better on the PS3? ok how about VF5 which sold .5 million on the PS3 and .18 million on the 360.The PS3 version sold 2.77 times more units than the 360 version despite the 360 version being "superior".

lelo3712d ago


Where did you get those numbers? Please don't tell me you got them from VGChartz.

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bumnut3712d ago

im going to buy it.

i am always willing to part with my cash for a quality product.

i do have some pirated games on my pc, but only crap ones that i would not buy anyway like mercs 2.

i also buy games that have good online play, because copies tend not to work online.

i did have pirate copies of crysis and darkstar one, but i liked them a lot so i bought them.

i also have a pirate copy of bioshock & cod4 but i have already purchased these for my 360 so i don't see why i should buy it again to play it on my pc.

thereapersson3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I don't really have a problem with having a "backup" copy of a piece of media (games, movies, music) so long as I have already purchased one version of it. Also, some things go out of print or are no longer financially viable for re-purchase, and with things like videogames, many publishers aren't willing to re-release rare classics.

However, my argument only pertains to media purchased for one platform. I'm not sure how I feel about pirating a game that I own on a console just because I want to play it on my PC...

Fishy Fingers3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Piracy didn't come around over night (PC), it's taken time to become so mainstream and the internet has obviously not helped. MS (or others) need to be careful that the 360 pirate scene is kept in check otherwise they may start pushing developers toward other options (Playstation).

Just from following torrent sites it easy to see that 360 support is on the increase.

green3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Have you played a pirated 360 game before because i have.

you have to open your 360, make hardware changes to it which at the end voids your warranty and makes it impossible to join XBL even as a silver member.

when i got my 360 3years ago 2 of my cousins got one each about 2 months later.

They got their 360's modded 6 months later and after 4 months the 1st one got the RROD.But sorry no replacement since it was modded.

Now the 2nd one couldn't play any game released after March 07, then had to spend money to re-mod the console,got Lost Odyssey this year and the console completely froze and stopped working.

It wasn't RROD that damaged the console but the hardware mods installed in order to make the console play pirated games.

At the end it's just not worth it and that is the big difference between 360's piracy and PC piracy.

PC piracy is mostly software based while 360 is hardware.At the end of the day most people are not willing to void their warranty and risk destroying their gaming experience by modding their console.

Thats why 360 piracy will always be a tiny fraction,maybe even less than 1% of 360 owners , compared to PC piracy.


Thats possible, but the problem is that you have opened your 360 voiding your 3 years warranty

And secondly you might not be able to go on XBL because Microsoft has some authentication protocols that go on while your playing.(not to sure on the last point).

Qdog3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Maybe you chip mod, with Xecutor or whatever, but why go through the trouble, when you can play backups simply, by confirming your DVD drive brand, and model by simply opening the disc tray, comparing the placements, then download the firmware flash, burn it to a DVD and insert the DVD. No hardware mods or chips are needed to play backups. I didnt give the exact method to the step on how to do anything, and no links were provided, because I disagree strongly with piracy. However, unlike you, I know by experience how it is done, it isnt hard at all, regardless at least if I am going to take a stand against something, I am educated as to what I am taking a stand against. Where as on the PS3, you would have to disable the Cell Processor in order to run a backup, (or unauthorized code as of SDK 2.4).

(Edit at above)
When I said opening the disc tray, I meant pressing the disc tray eject button, and then by comparing what the tray looks like( holes and placement thereof), you can download a corresponding patch to "upgrade" the dvd's firmware. No Hard mods needed, though I'm sure MSoft knows about this and will block XBL access accordingly.

kevnb3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

It sounds more like the modder doesn't know what hes doing, all thats involved is flashing the firmware on the dvd drive... not rocket science. Microsoft cant detect it either, unless your games aren't exact copies...

deividpaulo3712d ago stop to make games to 360 too, because there's Piracy on 360.

DJ3712d ago

Less than 1% of 360 users pirating games. That is a huge difference.

BlackRaven853712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

People also don't want to risk paying for Live, and then once they mod 360. get on Live, they will get banned from the service. It's not worth all that trouble. When I game, I prefer consoles over PC. I don't even use the PC anymore outside internet. Fallout 3 maybe they're last title on the PC, and completely be consoles only. It won't shock me.

Qdog3712d ago

While I agree that console software piracy is relatively low, right now, so was the PSP when it entered the look at it. The ability to successfully pirate software or intellectual property on a console or closed symmetrical platform(gamer built PC), is a small seeping hole in a huge dam(a few cases here and there of a leak or two), that is if it doesnt get patched(yes with a patch), eventually it becomes an unstoppable opened floodgate(unprofitable/unviabl e platform).

The PSP is rampant with piracy, though homebrew on the littlebugger is one of the best user-created contributions to happen to the platform, so to did the pirates, riding on the backs of the garage coders, happen to the platform, and unless this flaw gets completely patched up, I think we are witnessing the last ounces of life, leak from the PSP. Take heed, and recognize a pattern when you see it though.

SolidWarri0r3712d ago

Piracy is going to kill gaming :(

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