A Black Ops 4 release is fine, but only if it comes with Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Black Ops 4 releasing in 2018 feels like a step back for a franchise on the way back, but bundling it with Modern Warfare 2 Remaster could help continue that upwards trend.

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TheGamez100165d ago

Its fine by itself. Black ops games always have a ton of content and is the best cod series atm. Let it come next year during infinity wards turn.

getbacktogaming163d ago

I really feel the campaign was the best in the first game... Would love a return to cold war era or remaster of the first BO. Meanwhile this article is dumb.

kparks163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Wtf is this article talking about. Why would treyarch remaster a infinity ward game??? treyarch is the only developer that can make a decent call of duty anymore they don't need a remaster to bundle with the games but if they do, it will be [email protected] not MW2. The writer needs to use some basic common sense lol and when they remaster MW2 next year 100% they F it up anyway, everyone forgets how annoying that game was anyway one man army noob tube, tac knife commando lunge, spas 12, UMP, quick scope Central on that damn game I'm sure they won't fix any of the problems and just add more unbalanced weapons that you can buy out of loot boxes.

dillydadally163d ago

Treyarch wouldn't remaster it. Raven would. They do the remasters. Two separate studios. So it wouldn't really matter if it's packaged with a Treyarch game.

FallenAngel1984165d ago

Don’t you mean Black Ops 1, especially since Treyarch developed that and not Modern Warfare 2?

Either way just expect Activision to screw up another possible CoD remaster with more microtransactions.

UCForce165d ago

Yeah, they just ruined the Legacy of original Modern Warfare.

Father__Merrin163d ago

I'd have to disagree. Mw1 remaster had all the content from orig game. The micro transactions were actually ok same with infinite warfare. I though it was quite fun grinding for points to unlock crates

Antnee534164d ago

Sorry would rather black ops 2

164d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.