The Xbox One X Enhancements for TERA Will Not be Major

The Xbox One X Enhancements for TERA will not be major in terms of improvements over the base console model.

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Godmars290283d ago

Wonder how many articles will be submitted that say otherwise...

theXtReMe1283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

What a ridiculous article, without an ounce of fact. Susie’s brother Tony told John that Stacy’s Cousins Uncles Girlfriend was pregnant. In other news, North Korea has agreed to stop testing Nuclear Weapons. World wins.

skycaptin5282d ago

It's direct from En Masse, we work with a number of publishers to review their titles. Sometimes we ask them questions, they send email replies and an article is written. Not sure what more you want.

theXtReMe1282d ago

I appreciate your reply and explanation, though it’s hard for me to understand why anyone would hold development back for any one system, especially now, with these mid gen refresh consoles having millions of owners. It would be a move that could alienate millions of sales, simply because they were too lazy to bother?

I understand it’s what the rep told you... though, it seems extremely short sighted on their part to do the bare minimum on the more powerful machines and it’s just hard for me to fathom. Hopefully, your reps misinformed, because this news alone could affect sales.

Razmiran282d ago

There are no sales, this is an f2p game

fathertime4464281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

So what you are telling us is that you published an article in regards to a comment about a game without any real basis other than a one off comment that has only a fraction of a percent of information in regards to said game....
You sir/madam are an awesome journalist

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Pantz281d ago

We'll find out soon enough. Open beta is up for download now.

gamer7804281d ago

the biggest concern isn't this, is that the consoles will be isolated and unable to play with pc players as far as I'm aware. They should at least add servers where they can play with pc players, its an MMO after all the more players the longer life of the game.