Final Fantasy XV is Still Tearing the USgamer Staff Apart

Final Fantasy XV released in November 2016 to widespread acclaim, and its fair share of controversy. As a game trapped in development hell for a decade, it swapped directors, release windows, and even names throughout its unreleased lifespan. There was once even a time where Final Fantasy XV seemed like it would never come out. It was an impossible dream.

And now, Final Fantasy XV is seemingly coming out forever. At least judging by its DLC release schedule that will continue into 2019. Final Fantasy XV releases today on PC, its first foray onto the more powerful platform. It brings with it all the game's DLC and multiplayer, plus some bonus features like a first-person mode if you're tired of seeing Noctis' hair or whatever. It's also a good time for to look back on what makes the divisive JRPG great, and not-so-great.

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RainOfTerror282d ago

just started playing it on PC, love it...

Jaypi03281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

I don't know why you're getting down voted. There's nothing wrong with liking the game.

Fullmetalevolust282d ago

From someone who watched the anime, the movie and really anticipated this game, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with FF15 and its many DLC's. I've grown an affinity for the 4 dudes and their respective stories. I also enjoyed traveling around the world they created, some places more beautiful than others but man nothing beats a sunrise while camping.
I will probably get the royal DLC soon.

Harkins1721281d ago

Really wish the anime and movie were part of the main game.

gamejediben281d ago

I think I'll wait a couple years until all the DLC is out before playing it. Opinions of the game at launch were mediocre. But just like FFXIV, Square Enix is updating the crap out of it. Now XIV is one of the greatest MMOs of all time. Maybe in a year or two, the something similar will be said about XV.

rezzah278d ago

Forget about the game until about 2 years from now, then look out for the Omega Edition.

PhoenixUp281d ago

The game that stayed seemingly “forever” in development hell is seemingly taking “forever” to be fully released

I really love this game

rpvenom281d ago

I've been a long time FF fan. I waited ten years for XV.. I bought a PS3 mainly for it.. and then they annouced it for PS4.. so I bought the PS4 for it.. following along for years and years and finally it released.. and the game trailers they had shown in previous years weren't in the game.. I enjoyed the game and probably pumped 100+ hours into the game.. but did it live up to the hype for me?.. sadly from all that waiting.. it did not meet my expectations.. it was good.. but still wasn't GREAT in my opinion.. I don't know what happen during development.. maybe they were too ambitious and the hardware was simply not up to handle what they had in mind so they had to take different routes.. but I still wished they stayed with the original plan.. final fantasy 13 versus as I feel the story would have been much much different.