Can I Release My Negative Review Of 'Metal Gear Survive' Yet? - Electric Bento

"Metal Gear Survive seems accomplish what it sets out to be. It is a nonsensical, cheap game that does have some fun moments. Though I could say the same thing about Flappy Bird, another bad game that some people like." - [email protected]

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thejigisup257d ago

I'm surprised you gave it a 6. Based on the price and your review is give it a 4. This game had disaster written all over it. Does it have any sort of replay value? Does it add value to the franchise in any sort of meaningful way?

ElectricBentoME257d ago

You should read the review, the 6 is actually there for a reason, kinda poking fun at the way everyone scores these games. Some people find it fun, but most are just disappointed and even more so for fans of the Metal Gear Solid games. Love the profile pic, Gazoo rules!

thejigisup257d ago

Def read it, I just can't justify giving higher than a 5 unless it was f2p.