Far Cry 5 Hands-On Preview: New Game, Same Ol' Open World Issues

Far Cry 5's setting of Hope County, Montana doesn't offer much in the way of player immersion or interaction - that is, unless you like to be steered in the wrong direction.

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Sonic_Vs_Mario285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Can't wait to play this on Xbox One X.

winter_hill285d ago

Can't wait to play on my standard edition PS4.

DarkBlaze25285d ago

So a guy saying he can't wait for a game on his console of choice gets down voted while another person says the same thing about the same game with a different console of choice but gets up voted... Yup seems about right smh

Dark_Knightmare2285d ago

I'll explain it to you even though I believe you already know and was just trying to start something. The first dude is a known troll and fanboy who constantly spouts dumb crap in articles which is why he was downvoted. The other guy was being sarcastic and making fun of him which is why he got upvotes. I hope that helped solve your confusion over why it went down the way it did.

G20WLY285d ago

He knows why he said it. If you don't, that's the real issue here 😂

DarkBlaze25285d ago

@dark truth be told I honestly didn't know since I'm not as active as I should be in the comments on this site so I really don't know who the trolls are to look out for. From my perspective albeit a ignorant one it just seemed like a unfair down voting based on system preference even though the game was the same. But thanks for letting me know know what it was actually about now.

CurbStompin285d ago

Welcome to N4G. Please take off your coat, enjoy some Sony products, or you can get the hell out.

Rachel_Alucard285d ago

He's coming off like he's advertising or trying to show off his epeen just because he bought a console.

Dragonscale285d ago

Theres a helluva lot of pro xbox articles and fanboys for a pro PlayStation site lol.

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MegamanXXX285d ago

Can't wait to play this on my PC and PS4 :)

PUBG285d ago

Wow, you're going to play on PC & PS4 simultaneously? You're super duper hardcore, and you've got lots of money too!

Pantz285d ago

From what I hear, this game is going to be amazing on Xbox One X

Avengerz43285d ago

The X version will be the best version of the game aside from PC of course. As is the case with every major 3rd party release. I know it pains Sony people but it's just facts the X is the superior hardware over the pro. The game will still look fine on the pro I'm sure.

showtimefolks285d ago

Who the heck cares enjoy it why is it even when pro was the only mid generation console in the market we didn't hear will play on pro

In my opinion those who bought Xbox X say this sort of stuff in a way to be able to validate their purchase

More power to anyone who enjoys whichever console. I for one am happy that atleast Sony cares about releasing games for all types of gamers while ms takes sometimes 9 months in between releases

And I know the same BS excuse from Xbox camp about how they don't care about ps4 exclusives or don't have interest in them yet the same people have interest in buying the same racing games yearly

I am truly sorry if Xbox fans feels a certain way about otter consoles when they should be demanding more

The biggest feature of Xbox one isn't the games it's the BC

Avengerz43285d ago

It's pretty simple really if you don't have a PC and like gaming on consoles. And if you like the highest possible resolution and fastest load times and just overall performance to enjoy your console games on you'll buy an X and buy every 3rd party title on the X. It's not about camps and being fanboys it's about the best way to enjoy your favorite games. When this console generation started I played everything except Gears, Halo and Forza on my PS4. And that biased selection of my gaming got worse when the Pro was released. Then I got an X and it was a easy decision every 3rd party game him here until Sony responds with better hardware will be played on my X which runs said games 2-4x the resolution, faster load times, and just generally better performance. The Pro is now only for that amazing library of exclusives that Sony has.

81BX285d ago

I'm going to enjoy this on my X. Have fun

badz149285d ago

so...did you buy all 3rd party games on the PS4 before the release of the X last year? OR...were you in a long hiding because all the superior multiplats were on the PS4 since 2013?

Avengerz43285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

I bought all 3rd party titles on my PS4 and then my PS4 since 2013. I only started buying all my 3rd party titles on my X since I got my X. It's just the superior console to enjoy the game on unless you own a gaming PC. I used to have these same conversations with the MS fans when the Pro was launched. It's so stupid to get into brand allegiance arguments. Like I said before if you don't own a really good gaming PC and you own a good 4k TV (even if you don't the X runs games better in 1080p than the pro in 1080p) then you will want to play all 3rd party games from here until Sony comes out with a answer on the X.

It isn't that hard it isn't about company blind allegiance the X is just a better hardware option than anything Nintendo or Sony has right now.

Aceman18285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Yea I dont give two sh*ts whether or not the X1 will be the better version it won't stop me from enjoying it on my Pro lol.

It's too damn funny that X1 owners or soon to be owners keep saying the same thing over and over when everyone knows this already lol.

It's almost like Xbox owners are totally insecure about their purchase that they gotta keep reminding everyone about this fact lol.

I own a 65 4K HDR LG OLED, and my games running on the Pro look absolutely fantastic, I'm not anal enough to go spend another half grand just for a little resolution bump when my Pro is doing a damn good job of giving my wonderful graphics on my screen.

Vectrexer285d ago

So funny how the trolls here blind and Truth immediately makes him down vote your statement.

Rachel_Alucard285d ago

Good consoles cant fix bad games.

NXFather285d ago

I agree with you but would you pick the PS5 at $500 or another new console if it became available right now? What about at $600?

Avengerz43284d ago

I'd definitely buy a PS5 right now for $500-$600 and if it's a better hardware than the X then all my 3rd party gaming would move back to Sony.

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It's sad that you got downvoted and the guy below you is upvoted, just goes to show how biased the N4G community is. Def getting it on X, save the Pro for exclusives

Vectrexer285d ago

As with l console multiplatform releases the Xbox One X will be Far and Away the best version to play this game!!

BiggerBoss284d ago

Yet it will still sell way better on the PS4...

Why don't Xbox guys actually buy games?

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TRwinfrozor285d ago

Can not wait to play this game, only a few more weeks left

neutralgamer1992285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

could someone please explain to me how UBI learned enough to make major gameplay changes to AC series with origins yet we are getting the same old FC game. I guess i am in the minority because even FC4 sold really well and i thought it was just average

why is it that UBI can't learn i don't want my world map filled with icons give me quality over quantity

HyperMouse285d ago

Thats UBI every damn open world game, one billion and two icons to go to and collect, its daunting, time consuming (the point id say) and the icons dont really do that much to make it feel worth while, at least to me anyway.

instantstupor285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Well, for what it is worth, they have removed towers. In this game and you unlock points of interest "organically" through seeing signs, finding a piece of information, seeing something happening, talking to someone to point you to an objective, etc., rather than getting an icon dump of dozens of things from one source like a tower.

I'm not sure how much this game will ultimately be changed, but they are at least doing enough listening to know that people are tired of towers and icon-dump-chores. Last one I played was 3 and I'm not overly interested in 5 yet, but that little bit of info at least lets me know they are doing at least a smidgen less of the patented Ubisoft copy/paste formula they've been leaning on way too heavily.

awdevoftw285d ago

Another boring ass open world game.

Psychotica285d ago

Better than listening to endless story dialog

BiggerBoss284d ago

What game are you referring to..?

frostypants284d ago

Where would the hyphen go in that sentence?

bloodybutcherblocked284d ago

Another boring ass-open world game?

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